Farrakhan assails forces working to miseducate, distort history at UC-Berkeley appearance

Farrakhan assails forces working to miseducate, distort history at UC-Berkeley appearance

There are forces that would like to continue the miseducation of Black students, said Min. Farrakhan. They fear those who would uncover their misdeeds, shining the light of truth and exposing their shadowy nefarious deeds, he said.

He cited segregation as an example: The only reason White people wanted to integrate Blacks into society was to get access to Black dollars. During segregation, Black schools and businesses thrived because Black dollars circulated within the community, he said.

Min. Farrakhan then held up the book, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Volume 2. The 512-page book should be on every college campus throughout America, he said.

When he asked how many knew about the Jewish holocaust at the hands of Adolph Hitler and his military henchmen, nearly every hand was raised. When he asked the Black students how many knew the details of the holocaust involving their ancestors significantly fewer hands were raised.

“Now why do you know the holocaust, but you don’t know yours?” the Minister asked. “You don’t know what happened to you that you are still wrestling with now! No Jewish child has to be asked about a mission! Jewish children know their history, know what has happened to them and refuse to let it happen again because their parents teach them!

Jewish people teach their generational history to their group and the world, he said. Black parents have failed the children by not teaching them the stories of what Blacks have been through, he added.

“You should know this! You can’t build on today with no knowledge of yesterday, and who would deprive you of yesterday but somebody who wants to rob you of today and cripple your tomorrow!” said Minister Farrakhan.

Jewish organizations such as the ADL and Jewish students on campus had no interaction or interest in Black students, until they discovered Black students were interested in hearing from Louis Farrakhan, said the Nation of Islam minister.

“They only got interested in you because you got interested in me…So before you have a dialogue with them—read,” said Min. Farrakhan.