UFOs: 'Above Top Secret' but known to God and his people

Methodically, using scriptural references, clear evidence and actual statements from government officials and others, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered compelling information regarding the subject of what are commonly called “Unidentified Flying Objects” or “UFOs” in a special Part 51 of his yearlong series titled “The Time and What Must Be Done,” which aired December 27.

“The intention of these broadcasts is to lay bare the truth of this phenomenon as taught to us by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and it is to free all those who have been intimidated, and made to look crazy, so that they will rise up and join us to tell the world what they have seen and what they have heard, and what they have experienced,” declared Min. Farrakhan in a message that ran nearly twenty-five minutes longer than his customary weekly program length of one hour.

In many cases, skepticism regarding the subject of aerial phenomena develops because of the way those who speak of their experiences with these objects are portrayed in the media. They are typically mocked and described as being crazed conspiracy theorists.

Although they are commonly referred to as “UFOs,” Minister Farrakhan, conveying the uncompromising truth delivered by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, explained these aerial objects are known to their pilots, and the one who controls them, God himself.

Furthermore, many who have had what are called “abduction experiences,” or believe they have seen these airborne objects firsthand—including members of the government, military, and intelligence community—have taken the secrets of those encounters to their graves.

Minister Farrakhan said despite what is often reported publicly in the media, the American government considers it to be of great importance classifying investigation into these matters as “Above Top Secret.”

According to The Disclosure Project, a group which conducts research into UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence and advanced energy and propulsion systems, as of August 2013, 24 countries have released, or are in litigation to release their findings on UFOs: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United Nations, United Kingdom, Uruguay, and The Vatican City. 

The public wants this information, however, America lags far behind many countries related to the release of substantive data related to aerial phenomena, said the Minister. To governmental and military officials, this is considered a matter of national security.

“Whenever a nation is faced with a superior power that possesses a superior weapon that the present power and its warmongers cannot master, then that nation is unable to do the first thing that a sovereign nation must do, and that is to protect and secure her citizens,” said Minister Farrakhan. “The protection of every human being on our planet now is threatened by the presence of something that America has been dealing with since 1940, but, this Great Mother Wheel has been in existence since 1929.”


UN Agency: Again Israel demolition of Arab homes violates international law

Father and son with what's left of their belongings following latest demolitions in the West Bank, which displaced many families. (PHOTO: UNRWA)  

The United Nations agency assisting Palestinian refugees condemned Israel’s latest demolitions in the West Bank which have displaced 68 people, including 32 children, in the depths of winter, saying it is violating international law and calling on it to abide by its obligations.

“Because of these demolitions, which violate international law, these historically self-sufficient communities have been forced to endure the pitiless seasonal weather in inadequate housing, entirely dependent on international assistance,” the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) said of the demolitions which took place on Dec. 24 in Ein Ayoub near Ramallah and Fasayil Al Wusta near Jericho in the Jordan valley.

“We call on Israel to abide by its obligations under international law, most particularly to ensure the humane treatment and protection of the civilian Palestinian population at all times, including through an immediate halt to administrative demolitions,” it added, noting that to date at least 1,103 Palestinians have been displaced throughout the West Bank in Area C, and East Jerusalem, exceeding the numbers for 2012.

Area C, where Israel still retains control over security, planning and building, represents over 60 per cent of the West Bank.

The majority of those displaced most recently, 46, are Palestinian refugees, including a five-year-old girl who is paralyzed from the waist down. They are now being sheltered in tents distributed by the Palestinian Red Crescent, with night-time temperatures plunging to around zero Celsius, while some 750 head of sheep and goats are without shelter at this crucial lambing season.

“These are Bedouin communities who managed to weather the recent snow storms,” UNRWA said. “On this day, many people around the world are celebrating family life with their children. But thanks to the ‘administrative demolitions’ these families have lost their homes and their livelihoods are severely threatened.”
The Agency stressed that administrative demolition is not a solution for Palestinians in Area C and are a common trigger of forced displacement, possibly amounting to a forcible transfer and forced eviction under international humanitarian law and human rights law.

It reiterated a statement in September by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay that “mass demolitions raise serious concerns about the prohibition on forced eviction under international human rights law, and Israel’s obligations to respect, protect and fulfill the rights of Palestinians to adequate housing and freedom from arbitrary or unlawful interference with privacy, family and home.”

Of the 1,103 Palestinians displaced so far this year, about a third are refugees, and at least 558 are children, including 195 refugees.

Furthermore, a total of 1,813 Palestinians, including 497 refugees, have been affected by the loss of non-residential structures such as animal pens that support livelihoods. In total, 663 structures, including 259 residential units, were recorded demolished since the start of this year in the West Bank. At least 175 structures belonged to registered refugees.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sits out Mandela Memorial

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's missing the Mandela Memorial clearly shows his immorality and stubborn ideological adherence to the #Apartheid way.

Disagreeable to live with in peace and unable to be trusted whether dealing with Gaza, Syria or Iran.


ADL spied on U.S. anti-Apartheid activists | Apartheid Israel & Apartheid South Africa were partners. #Mandela

During the time when Nelson Mandela was imprisoned the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) was spying on American anti-Apartheid activists and sharing information with the South African government and their intelligence services.

In fact, in many areas, Israel's Apartheid gov't and the South African Apartheid gov't worked in collusion as partners.

In Sasha Polakow-Suransky's book 'The Unspoken Alliance: Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa' it is written that then-ADL National Director Nathan Perlmutter co-authored an article calling Mandela's African National Congress “totalitarian, anti-humane, anti-democratic, anti-Israel and anti-American.”

Now, the ADL apparently loves Mandela and hopes that you will never learn about the historical realities I just briefly noted.

Don't fall for the revisionist history of the ADL.

Minister Louis Farrakhan on Nelson Mandela 'The Revolutionary'

“When revolutionaries—true revolutionaries—come into the world they change people’s minds, they change people’s hearts and they change the destiny of nations. Such a man is Nelson Mandela.”

 -- Min. Louis Farrakhan
July 18, 2013

The Embassy of the State of Palestine to the Republic of South Africa on Passing of the Great Leader, Nelson Mandela

The Embassy of the State of Palestine to the Republic of South Africa on Passing of the Great Leader, Nelson Mandela

Pretoria, 6th December 2013

The Embassy of the State of Palestine to South Africa sends its sincere condolences to the Mandela family and the South African people and leadership on the passing of the great leader and son of Africa, Nelson Mandela.

His teachings of bravery and compassion will live on, particularly in the hearts of the Palestinian people.

Nelson Mandela was a great leader who stood out for his courage and determination to free his people from the injustice legislated upon them during the harsh Apartheid-era with wisdom and care for humanity. He taught the world the true meaning of a hero.

The Palestinian leadership, led by Mahmoud Abbas, is grieved by the loss of the inspirational leader Nelson Mandela and has declared a day of mourning in Palestine. This is signified by the Palestinian leadership’s order for all flags of the State of Palestine to be lowered to half-mast.

As President Mahmoud Abbas mentioned, the Palestinian people are mourning the loss of the great international leader. Mandela’s life and teachings stood and will continue to stand as a hope for the Palestinian people and whose approach to injustice stands as a model to Palestine.

Nelson Mandela was a man with high values and principles who not only fought the injustice of his own people but also the injustice subjugated on those worldwide, particularly on the Palestinian people. Mandela played a pivotal role in the Palestinian struggle for freedom. In his famous quote, Mandela said: “We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians”. He was one of the bravest and most important men in the world who supported the Palestinian people in their right to self-determination. His efforts and compassion for the Palestinian cause will be forever appreciated.

The Embassy of the State of Palestine in South Africa is sure that the seed of solidarity with the Palestinian people planted by Nelson Mandela will grow on through South Africa at large. The Embassy of Palestine would also like to thank South Africa for its strong position in favour of Palestine and for honouring the Palestinian people with the support from its greatest leader.

The loss of Nelson Mandela reminds Palestinians of the loss of the great Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Both leaders fearlessly defied domination and intimidation from their respective oppressors and selflessly put their lives in stake to defend their people. They were exceptionally brave men whose efforts will not be forgotten.

The Embassy of the State of Palestine once again conveys its heartfelt condolences to the Mandela family, the brave leadership of South Africa, the ANC, the South African people and to the world at large for this painful loss. May Almighty God help ease your and our mourning and may the legacy of Nelson Mandela live on forever.

Tamer Al-Massri
Media Officer, Embassy of the State of Palestine

South Africa's Jamiatul Ulama on the passing of Nelson Mandela

On the Occasion of the Passing of Mr Nelson R Mandela
(For Immediate Release)

We condole the Mandela family and join all South Africans and the people of goodwill around the globe expressing sadness upon the passing of Mr Nelson R Mandela, an international statesman and the most recognisable global icon of the struggle for freedom and the restoration of human dignity in modern times.

Mr Mandela’s withdrawal from public life few years ago was a conscious decision and a mark of his greatness, yet a realisation that no matter how crucial the role he played was, there would be a time the nation and the world would be without him

He passed on the baton of leadership, leaving it to us to continue with the many struggles he courageously led by example in ending civil strife and seeking reconciliation. His qualities of humility, grace and visionary leadership set him apart among peers and he shall remain a source of immense inspiration for generations to come.

The world will forever remember him for his selflessness, spirit of sacrifice and sense of purpose which led the liberation movement to end the injustices of apartheid and make South Africa free. We shall remain indebted in gratitude to Mr Mandela for his contribution.

On the occasion of his passing, let us all remember Mr Mandela with dignity and in a manner befitting the remarkable attributes of his life through a renewal of our own commitment towards the ideals he lived for.

E.I. Bham (Moulana)
Secretary General 

6 December 2013


Deen Intensive Academy Islamic Conference coming to Houston, Texas December 19-22!

If any of you attended the inaugural Deen Intensive Academy in Washington D.C., earlier this year, you know what happened. If you weren't able to attend but you heard about it, then you know that it is an Islamic conference that you do not want to miss. The next one is in a few weeks in Houston, TX. Act now and make your plans to be there!