[VIDEO] Solid & thoughtful take ‪#‎Paris‬ ‪#‎Beirut‬ ‪#‎Nigeria‬ ‪#‎Mizzou‬ from Felonious Munk

[VIDEO] Solid & thoughtful take on current realities from Felonious Munk. ‪

#‎Paris‬ ‪#‎Beirut‬ ‪#‎Nigeria‬ ‪#‎Mizzou‬: Innocent people living in fear anywhere is a problem and it's OK to acknowledge all of it. '

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Innocent people living in fear anywhere is a problem: Feloniou...

Beirut. Paris. Nigeria. America. It's not "this or that." It's both. All oppression is linked in the sense that there are groups of people attempting to control other groups of people through fear.

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Vaccines & Black Concerns

Each year, many children are injected with potentially harmful mercury-based neurotoxins at a time when their immune systems are very vulnerable, and their brains and other organs are still developing. Pharmaceutical companies are among those manufacturing U.S. licensed vaccines and they make billions. Nothing has stopped rapaciously greedy elites from corrupting medical related industries. 

Many are concerned about vaccines and their possible links to autism.

Autism is four times more common in boys than in girls with the largest increase being seen among Black and Latino children. This is alarming, especially when you consider that fact that many Blacks and Latinos live in areas lacking high quality health care facilities, are more likely not to have medical coverage, and are less likely to have the income needed to afford expensive treatments or special educational needs for a child diagnosed with autism.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the son of former U.S. Attorney Gen. Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of President John F. Kennedy, who is an outspoken critic of forced vaccination and the use of the mercury-based Thimerosal. Here are important words from him lasting approximately 10 minutes.

Each year, many children are injected with potentially harmful mercury-based neurotoxins at a time when their immune...
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The 5th Annual Englewood International Film Festival

Community Film Festival inspires attendees with Powerful Vision 
Englewood Film Festival’s fifth year celebration bring powerful celebrities to Chicagoland.

It is October and tickets for the Englewood International Film Festival (EIFF) are now on sale. This is the fifth year that EIFF has been apart of the community and they show no signs of slowing down. The festival will be held Thursday, October 22 through Sunday, October 25, 2015. While embarking on their fifth year the theme for this year’s festival is “Vision.”

Naturi Naughton
The EIFF founders have been advertising on various social media platforms about the tickets and workshops that are apart of the weekend festivities. One workshop creating a lot of buzz is the actor’s workshop “Power of the Actor” with Naturi Naughton and Wendy Mckenzie.
This ticket gives you the opportunity to submit your bio and headshot for consideration by Swirl Films and In The Wink of An Eye Casting for upcoming projects.
This year the festival selection committee has received several films from here in Chicago to Iraq. The festival includes four days of networking, workshops and films for all ages. While the opening night premiere film and celebrities attending the festival is still a surprise, EIFF founders, Mark Harris and Alisa Inez believe that their “vision” for the festival continues to build each year and more people from the Chicagoland community and the independent film community will want to be active part of making their vision a reality.
Coming back for the second year is the EIFF Career Day. Grammar and High Schools in Englewood are offered an opportunity to have a film industry professional visit their school. Actors, Film Producers, Writers, Set Designers and Make-Up Artists and many more volunteer their day to go into as many classes as possible to speak about their career path in film; whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes. Their “vision” is to encourage youth to see great possibilities for their lives and the importance of education.
Save the date: October 22-25,2015. Early bird tickets are currently on sale on www.eiff.org. With so much to do in preparation for this event we are still looking for community members to be a part of our vision. If you would like to volunteer up to three hours of your time to EIFF or if you are a business that is inspired to partner with us, contact englewoodfilmfestival@gmail.com.


‘Chosen For Change’ An Interview with Michael Brown Sr. #JusticeOrElse

His son in death, still lives as the patron saint of a movement.

Minister Farrakhan declared Mike Brown Jr. a 'patron saint' of the #JusticeOrElse movement

On August 9, 2014 the death of Michael Brown Jr., shocked and angered people to such an extent that the little town of Ferguson, just outside of St. Louis became known as “Ground Zero” and sparked nationwide protests against police brutality.

He was shot dead in the street at the Canfield Green Apartment complex by former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

The young man’s death has taken an emotional toll on his father, Michael Brown Sr., in fact, just a little over two weeks prior to his son being shot down, the 18-year-old  stood by his father’s side as the Best Man during his wedding.

His son has now become the patron saint of a movement, a martyr. He shared his thoughts with me just steps away from where his son was killed.


Ashahed M. Muhammad (AMM:) Brother Michael, we’re all with you, we’ve seen you on the front line marching and we admire your courage and bravery standing and want to tell you that we really appreciate you giving us your time to talk. We know this is really an emotional time for you.  Can you put any of your thoughts into words for us right now to let us know a little bit about how you’re feeling?

Mike Brown, Sr. (MB:) Of course I’m still hurt, I’m still grieving, I’m still going through my emotions.  This is just the beginning—for me this fight has just started.  Where I’m heading with this big thing I’m pushing is just keeping aware of what these people have been doing to us for 400 plus years; I’m about the fight.

AMM: As it relates to what has happened so far what are you happy about and what are you unhappy about as far as justice for your son?

MB: Ain’t nothing happening but me standing up for him! It’s still a lot of work to do. I’m proud of myself, the team. I’m proud of St. Louis and everybody around that’s standing with me but it’s still a loss.

AMM: In your quiet time when you are alone and you reflect on memories of your son, because of the way he was characterized and demonized in the controlled media, what is something that people don’t know about your son that they should know?

MB: That smile that goes across my brain every time I look at a picture or think of him.

AMM: Your foundation has been started. It is called Chosen for Change. That is the outgrowth of what has happened and a catalyst for activism in your son’s name. Do you want to tell us a little bit about that?

MB: It was made up one night me and my wife were just sitting up looking at pictures that kids had drew of my son. One of the pictures was from a 10-year old of a picture that he drew of my son. He had (written) across the top of it and it said “chosen for change.” And this 10-year old I’m looking for him so I thank him for the title. With this foundation we are basically based upon helping the youth empowering our youth, helping Black men and women; just keeping us strong and knowing what we need to do for ourselves to be mentally educated and the resources we need to keep going forward in life and positive.

AMM: “Justice or Else!” is the theme for the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. Do you have any thoughts on that theme and Minister Farrakhan elevating your son saying he would be like our patron saint and one of the symbols of what this is all about?

MB: Yeah! I like that I like how he put that together … that’s cold. (Smiling) That’s all I’m going to say about that.

AMM: Thank you.



Michael Brown Sr. on #JusticeOrElse: 'For me, this fight has just started.'

Michael Brown Sr., after our recent interview, just steps away from where his son was shot down at the Canfield  Green Apartments in Ferguson, Missouri. (Photo: Robert E. Muhammad) 

It has been nearly one year since Michael Brown Jr. was shot dead in the streets of an apartment complex on Canfield Drive in Ferguson, Mo., by former police officer Darren Wilson. His August 9, 2014 death shocked and angered people to such an extent that the little town just outside of St. Louis became known as “Ground Zero” and sparked nationwide protests against police brutality. As we approach one year since his son's death, his father Michael Brown Sr. told me he wants #JusticeOrElse!
"I’m still hurt, I’m still grieving, I’m still going through my emotions.  This is just the beginning—for me this fight has just started.  Where I’m heading with this big thing I’m pushing is just keeping us aware of what these people have been doing to us for 400 plus years; I’m about the fight."
-- Michael Brown Sr.



Activist Tamika Mallory on the call for #JusticeOrElse: 'It's now or never'

Tamika D. Mallory
"I think it is definitely timely! It’s now or never, and clearly we see that all across the country Black folks are on fire and that’s in good ways and bad ways. We’re prepared to fight back at this point but we must be convened, we need some training, we need some understanding that is rooted deeper than us just being activist that sort of ‘pop up’ and  want to move.  We need to be able to understand how these things connect and the right way to get it done and I think what Minister Farrakhan is providing—an opportunity for all of us to come together—is significant at this time.

I remember the Million Man March. I was 15-years old. My father went, so I remember all the Black men in my family were a part of the Million Man March and it certainly was encouraging for me to see that. I think that for me to be a part of the planning of the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March is certainly a culmination for me of the work that I’ve been doing."



An Interview with 'Trace Amounts' co-director Shiloh Levine

Shiloh Levine, is one of the filmmakers behind the important documentary Trace Amounts. Trace Amounts tells the true story of Eric Gladen (the film’s director) who became ill after getting a tetanus shot that he believes contained the controversial additive Thimerosal.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, Thimerosal is “a mercury-containing organic compound widely used for nearly a century in many biological products including many vaccines as a preservative.” Because of concerns regarding its toxicity, the FDA has vowed “to reduce or eliminate” it from vaccines.  In fact, addressing this very concern on the FDA's website it is stated: 

“Thimerosal has been removed from or reduced to trace amounts in all vaccines routinely recommended for children 6 years of age and younger, with the exception of inactivated influenza vaccine.” 

I found  the documentary Trace Amounts to be very informative while at the same time troubling. There is so much we don't know, and as a society, we place far too much trust in medical professionals. I recommend all those who have ever questioned what is contained in those small vaccine vials to watch the documentary with those you love, then discuss it.

There are many who are concerned about vaccines and their possible links to autism. There are also many involved in a serious fight to resist mandatory vaccination legislation spreading nationwide.

I spent some time discussing these important topics with Shiloh recently in Los Angeles, California.


Shiloh Levine, co-director of the documentary 'Trace Amounts'

Ashahed M. Muhammad (AMM:) As one of the directors of the documentary “Trace Amounts,” tell us why you thought it was important to shine light on such an important topic?

Shiloh Levine (SL:) Well, when I found out about this topic I was teaching children with autism. I had started to see the connection between Mercury and the things I was reading on Autism and Thimerosal which is an ingredient in some of the vaccines. I met Eric (Gladen) because he put an ad in the paper and I—autism is very devastating; it breaks up families, it’s devastating to the children, financially, emotionally, spiritually—it’s a tough thing, so if there was a way to stop this from occurring I was certainly going to be  a part of that. So when I met Eric, he told me that there was mercury in the vaccines, and I was like: ‘What are you talking about? That’s crazy!’ So I didn’t even have to think about it. I just was on board with helping make this film and getting the information out to people because the mainstream media is not putting it out there, and so that’s why all these documentaries are popping up, because the people are saying ‘I want to get this information to the general public, so I’m going to put the information in a documentary and get it out.’

(AMM:) Did you learn anything during your time directing it that you didn’t know before.

(SL:) Oh I learned tons of things about the subject! Absolutely! We interviewed scientists, chemists, toxicologists, and government people, all over this country. I learned that Ethylmercury is not the “safe mercury,” which a lot of people like to spout in the media. It is actually more dangerous than Methylmercury, which is the type of mercury found in fish. And it gets trapped in the brain twice as much as Methylmercury and that’s where the neurological problems are.

(AMM:)  In the rest of the organs also right?

(SL:) Yes, it gets trapped in tissues and fat cells, but in the brain is where it’s going to do that neurological harm. So that’s one of the things that I learned, but I learned a ton of things. Two parts per billion is the amount of allowable mercury in our drinking water. Two hundred parts per billion is considered toxic waste. Fifty-thousand parts per billion is the amount of mercury in Thimerosal at twenty-five micrograms. In a flu shot, that amount is fifty thousand parts per billion, which is twenty-five thousand times more than the allowable amount in drinking water. You’re injecting toxic waste into babies and pregnant mothers, and that’s not okay.

(AMM:) What is your next step as it relates to—of course we know you are giving everyone the information about the movie and trying to show the documentary to as many people as possible, but what is your next step?

(SL:) Just getting the information out there. We’re also as a group the “Trace Amounts” team created #MandateTheTruth which is to help fight these bills that are mandating vaccines because the CDC is in no position responsibly to make those decisions about what’s safe, because they’re not properly exposing the findings that they are finding in their epidemiological studies. We’re not in a position as a society to say ‘let’s mandate vaccines.’ We feel that people should have the choice of whether or not they vaccinate.

(AMM:) So it would be a misnomer as the mainstream media likes to mischaracterize many people as “anti-vaxxers.”

(SL:) Right! They’re saying all of these people are “anti-vaxxers” when actually a lot of them are just people who want to slow down the amount of vaccines or maybe not get the Hepatatis B vaccines. There’s forty-nine vaccines that these children have to get and they want to do it one at a time. They don’t want to go in and get seven in one day. They want to do it on a schedule working with a doctor that they feel in their gut is safer. So they’re not anti-vaccines but they’re being portrayed as that because that’s how you demonize those people.

(AMM:) Demonization. A reliable tactic. Thank you very much.

(SL:) Thank you!

(For more information about the documentary “Trace Amounts” such as showings in your area, obtaining your own copy or to view a trailer, visit http://traceamounts.com.)


#HipHop Artists Break ADL Stranglehold: Embrace Farrakhan's Call for #JusticeOrElse

NOI Research Group

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith has launched its long-expected attack on Black youth and Hip Hop culture. In its latest communiqué its pompous and pretentious leader Abraham Foxman provides a marvelous confirmation of the potential power and effectiveness of our brilliant artists and their commitment to freedom, justice, and equality for their people.
Abraham Foxman
Jewish arrogance is spectacular. The ADL points with disdain to the massive gathering of those seeking a true justice, planned for Washington D.C. on October 10, 2015, the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. The Jewish leader decries the fact that “Louis Farrakhan has received support from well-known rap artists and others, who are helping bring Farrakhan’s message to a broader audience.”

Why is the Jewish head of the ADL, Abraham Foxman, with his $688,280 annual salary and $50 million budget, concerned about Black rappers? Because everything The Minister has told our youth about their potential power and influence is 100 percent truth.

Since its founding 102 years ago, the ADL has served as an extension of J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI, which sought to “neutralize” every Black leader and organization. Hoover’s notorious COINTELPRO operation declared the peace-loving Dr. Martin Luther King to be the “most dangerous Negro leader” and worked tirelessly to destroy his work. And when the US government restrained some of the FBI abuses, the ADL stepped in to pick up the slack. In 1993, the ADL was caught in a series of covert activities, including espionage, illegal surveillance, theft, and selling classified information to the most racist nation on earth and Israel’s closest friend—the apartheid government of South Africa.

The list of the ADL’s victims includes the NAACP, the Nation of Islam, the ACLU, Greenpeace, the United Farm Workers, and several Black elected officials. Nation of Islam researchers uncovered hidden ADL documents that showed it to be spying on the Nation of Islam as far back as 1942. The ADL is found congratulating itself because “a Negro employed by us” proved “quite instrumental” in an FBI raid on the Chicago mosque resulting in 82 arrests. And they did this treacherous act even though they admitted in yet another hidden memo that “We have no documentable evidence of anti-Semitism on the part of the Temples of Islam movement or Elijah Muhammad.” (Source: The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews, Vol. 2)

So if “anti-Semitism” is not the REAL issue behind the ADL’s constant attacks, why have they targeted young artists who have stood up in support of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan?

The answer is in our wallets. Just look at what the ADL complained about:

Instagram and Twitter posts from rap artists posing with Farrakhan or promoting his recent visits have reached a combined 10.9 million followers so far, and many more people through reposts and retweets….Some rap artists who have posted messages promoting Farrakhan or the Million Man March anniversary include Rick Ross (3.2 million Instagram followers), The Game (3.1 Million Instagram followers), Birdman (1.6 million Instagram followers), 2 Chainz (1.5 million followers), Young Thug (1.3 million Instagram followers), and Scarface (227,000 Twitter followers).

And they missed Kanye West, Dame Dash, Jay Electronica, Flex Alexander, Daphne Wayans, Dante Whitfield, Killer Mike, Big K.R.I.T., Big Boi, Ice Cube, Sway, Ezzy, Lil Bibby, Palo Mula, Bone Crusher, Kaleena Harper, Sa-Roc, CeeLo Green, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Chuck D., Russell Simmons, and many, many other artists, entertainers, and Hip Hop notables. Their combined fans, followers, and friends add another 20 million to the ADL’s count.

The ADL is upset because Farrakhan represents an end to the iron grip that Jewish businessmen have on our most popular and talented Black artists. In his book Hip Hop America, Nelson George names 17 “handsomely rewarded” individuals as among those who control the Black rap artists. He writes, “Interestingly, the majority of these men and women were Jews…” Jewish writer Seth Gitell agreed, and admitted that Jews worked as producers, marketers, and attorneys. He wrote that as rap “focused more and more on violence…Jews remained involved.”

The most famous and influential rap group of all time is Public Enemy, which found themselves almost having to hold their business meetings in a synagogue. P.E.’s business managers, tour managers, publicists, lawyers were ALL Jewish.

This exploitative state of affairs still exists today, with white Jews with no discernable artistic talent running the Hip Hop plantation while our masterful Black poets, musicians, artists and dancers generate ALL the revenues. And this leads to the kind of delirium expressed by the Jewish former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers Donald Tokowitz Sterling, who famously told his Black mistress what he thought about the Black players:

“I support them and give them food, and clothes, and cars, and houses. Who gives it to them? Does someone else give it to them? Do I know that I have—Who makes the game? Do I make the game, or do they make the game? Is there 30 owners, that created the league?”

Just as with sports, not a single one of the 21 million fans and followers of the rappers are following these brilliant and talented Black celebrities because of their Jewish managers, agents, distributors and hangers-on—and this is frightening to a fat and wealthy gang of exploiters who sense that their slaves have been secretly visited by Harriet Tubman.

Kanye West ran head-on into this Jewish business power in his attempt to diversify and penetrate the clothing and apparel business. It earned Kanye a vicious public attack by none other than Abraham Foxman, who called him an “anti-Semite.”

And there is more that proves that the ADL attack on the Black Hip Hop world is a blessed sign that their standing with The Minister is a truly righteous bond.

1400 years ago the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sought to unite the warring tribes into a force of righteousness. The Arab youth wanted to form a true brotherhood, but the ADL of that time—a Jewish tribe called the Banu Nadir—was dead set against it. This tribe controlled the commerce in the Middle East and made huge profits selling destructive products to the Arabs—like liquor, weapons, slaves, and gambling. To the Jews, the rise of Prophet Muhammad meant a loss of those lucrative revenue streams. So when they saw a budding unity among the Arabs, it alarmed them greatly. According to historians, the Jews went to the Arabs with the explicit mission to reignite the old angers and instigate past rivalries. The Jews actually hired poets to attack the newfound Arab unity.

The Prophet counteracted this Jewish COINTELPRO through his building a bond with the poets and artists who believed like him that unity among the Arabs was more powerful than any other force. He overcame this Banu Nadir Jewish treachery and went on to establish a civilization throughout that region unmatched in world history.

Sound familiar? All of this exists today. The ADL squawks about what they are against—but what are they for? Blacks suffer devastating conditions in their communities, yet we hear nothing of substance from the Jewish leadership. Have they shown up with an answer to the gang violence, the mass incarcerations, the police brutality, the unemployment, and the lack of education opportunities? Or are they the source of all those maladies—as they were in the time of The Prophet?

Minister Farrakhan says “Justice Or Else!” and he has forged a strong unity among our beautiful and strong Black youth where only hatreds and rivalries had existed. Songwriter and producer Sean Johnson, who is better known in the industry as “Joe Blow,” spoke for many when he told the Final Call that “Min. Farrakhan is saying a lot of things younger artists need to hear….We got the power way more now than before. You have a platform—use it,” he said. “It’s time for young brothers to wake up and put a message in the music.”

Young Thug added that The Minister’s message was “so simple, so honest, so plain….The negativity I was thinking about doing I’m not going to do.”

So who could be AGAINST that? It seems as though Abraham Foxman is—but WHY?!


[AN ETHICAL ANALYSIS] 'With Liberty and Justice FOR WHITE: America’s False Flag Controversy'

By The NOI Research Group

Betsy Ross was credited with creating the first American flag, but that is doubtful. If there was any sewing going on—and there was—it was a Black woman doing it. The notorious stars-&-stripes was adopted in 1777, with its 13 stripes and circular array of thirteen 5-pointed stars.

The Confederate flag was raised in 1861 by White slave-owners in their violent attempt to preserve Black slavery. We are then told that Abraham Lincoln, having come to the decision that slavery was immoral and inhumane, “emancipated” the Black man, an action that intensified the Civil War.

This popular account may be good for Steven Spielberg’s White supremacist standards, but not for ours. A few historical realities stand in the way of this American fairy tale. Let us look at a few of Lincoln’s actions under the ol’ “RED, WHITE & BLUE”:

•               While still engaged in the war, Lincoln placed his troops at the disposal of the governor of Maryland to repress a rumored slave insurrection.

•               In 1861, when General John C. Fremont freed all slaves in the state of Missouri, Lincoln fired him. When General David Hunter freed the slaves in three states, Lincoln cancelled and then reversed the general’s order.

•               Lincoln’s military camps were closed to runaway slaves, and some poor Black souls were actually captured by Union soldiers and returned to their rebel owners!

•               Lincoln had no intention of establishing “integration” and in 1862 sent 450 “freed” slaves to an island off the coast of Haiti in an ill-fated colonization scheme. The navy had to be sent to retrieve the beleaguered Blacks.

•               Lincoln publicly voiced support for the Fugitive Slave Law, which made every American citizen—North and South—responsible for catching runaway slaves.

The lifespan of the Confederate flag was but four years, and it could have been defeated a full two years sooner had not a Jewish banker named Emile Erlanger breathed life back into the Confederacy with a $7 million loan (about $125 million in today’s money), without which the South would have been unable to pay or arm its troops. This little-known act of treachery may have cost 300,000 white lives and enabled the slave trade to continue for even longer.

Nevertheless, the Star Spangled Banner won out—and that’s when the misery of the Black, the Brown, and the Red accelerated. Ask the Native Americans whether they see any difference between the two flags. The MASSACRES that have been recorded since the Confederate flag was retired in 1865 are what put the red in the stripes of the AMERICAN flag:

• Circleville Massacre (16 dead)

• Aquarius Mountains (23 dead)

• Campo Seco   (33 dead)

• Washita Massacre (140 dead)

• Marias Massacre (173 dead)

• Kingsley Cave Massacre (30 dead)

• Camp Grant Massacre   (144 dead)

• Skeleton Cave Massacre (76 dead)

• Cypress Hills Massacre (20 dead)

• Sappa Creek Massacre (27 dead)

• Big Hole Massacre (89 dead)

• Fort Robinson Massacre (77 dead)

• Stronghold (76 dead)

• Wounded Knee Massacre (250 dead)

The Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890
There were many more massacres long before the creation of the Confederate flag or the Confederacy. The genocide and suffering of the Red Man are unforgivable.

With Lincoln dead, and the terrorist leaders  forgiven, Whites reunited under the American flag, their first order of business was to establish white supremacy for all time. The Ku Klux Klan formed under the AMERICAN flag—not the Confederate flag—and much of its violence occurred in the north. They even had a chapter at Harvard University. Slavery was over, but the United States economy was still dominated by cotton production. In the so-called “Compromise of 1877,” Whites determined that bloody violence was essential to force the ex-slaves back onto the plantation in a new form of slavery called sharecropping; thus, the Reconstruction era was literally an American Orgy of anti-Black Terror & Violence.

Wholesale killings of Blacks occurred across the South with alarming frequency and shocking depravity. Most of these open racial slaughters resulted from attempts by Blacks to assert their citizenship rights, such as by voting or seeking political office, by setting up businesses, or by acquiring land or education. But much of it was just pure race hate. As one scholar wrote of postwar Whites: “They loathed the Negro and…were ready to hunt him like an animal.” So many Blacks were slaughtered in one genocidal incident in a Texas county that “vultures became a nuisance.” Think about that.

Here are a few instances in the “proud heritage” of White America.

• In Memphis, Tennessee, in 1866, a mob of Whites was said to have exhibited “a deadly hatred of the colored race” as it joined police officers in murdering at least 46 innocents and injuring 285. Rampaging Whites raped Black women and burned four Black churches and twelve Black schools.

• In New Orleans, Louisiana, that same year, White mobs murdered 34 and injured more than 200.  Similar incidents occurred in Pulaski, Tennessee; Opelousas, Louisiana; Eutaw, Alabama; Laurens, South Carolina; and Camilla, Georgia.

• In 1871, every schoolhouse for Black children in Winston County, Mississippi, was burned, and in Meridian thirty Blacks were killed.

• In 1868, Whites began a killing spree in Shady Grove, Louisiana, and indiscriminately murdered up to 200 innocent Blacks.

• On Easter Sunday of 1873 in Colfax, Louisiana, the bloodiest single instance of racial carnage occurred when 280 Blacks were left for dead, sixty of them “terribly mutilated” and strewn throughout the countryside. Thirty-four others had been taken to a riverbank and shot through the head. Authorities tried none of the perpetrators, claiming the massacre was “a justifiable assertion of white supremacy.”

• Several Black men were murdered by a mob of 300–400 White men in an 1874 massacre in Coushatta, Louisiana.

• In 1874–75, after years of violence, White Mississippians overthrew the legally constituted interracial government. As many as 300 Blacks were murdered in Vicksburg in two separate incidents in 1874 when Whites on a killing spree swept the county.

• Between 35 and 50 Blacks along with radical White leaders were slaughtered in Clinton, Mississippi, in September 1875.

• In 1874, a murderous mob of 400 armed Tennessee Whites stormed the Trenton Jail and massacred all 16 of the Blacks confined there. Their bodies were found at the bottom of a river a mile away.

• In 1876 in Hamburg, South Carolina, Whites forced their way through a group of parading Black militia. Two dozen of the Blacks were arrested and five were murdered while in custody—they were told to run and then shot in the back.

• In Ellenton, South Carolina, federal troops helped local Whites slaughter at least 40 Blacks, including a legislator in the state’s House of Representatives.

• In 1884, a White mob murdered 56 people in Cincinnati, Ohio, and burned down the city’s courthouse.

• In 1887, in what has become known as the Thibodaux Massacre, Louisiana Whites slaughtered as many as 300 Black sugar plantation workers because they were organizing for better conditions.

• In 1890, a North Carolina mob of 400 White men, “led by prominent citizens and public officials,” killed and wounded an untold number of Blacks.

And this is merely a sample of the documented violence against Blacks. By 1893, almost thirty years after “emancipation,” Blacks in the South were being murdered at a rate of at least one every 40 hours.

Today this violent and oppressive “Jim Crow” history is represented in popular culture as no more than the mere inconveniences of water fountain and lunch counter discrimination. But this masks the real purpose and devastating effects of the many violent acts of White supremacy: the destruction of any Black aspirations for economic self-development, the confinement of the African to forced plantation and domestic labor, permanent political subjugation, and perpetual societal inferiority.

This all ends on October 10, 2015, in Washington D.C., when the “false flags” of Jim Crow, the FBI’s COINTELPRO, the anti-Asian concentration camps, the anti-Mexican wall-builders, police brutality and militarization, the mass incarceration of Blacks, the racist unemployment and discrimination all come crashing down. A new flag will be hoisted over a people who are determined never to be slaves again. Be there when The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan hoists the flag of God Himself—the one that will say forever “with Freedom and Justice for ALL!”


The Game is 'ready to ride' w/ Farrakhan for 10.10.15 | #JusticeOrElse

The Game and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan share a moment recently in Los Angeles.
Photo: Joel Marasigan/FlashpointGrafix

"I watched him on The Breakfast Club—the whole interview—and the way that he speaks and empowers our youth,  I think that commands attention.  It really got mine. I loved the approach that he took talking about this newer generation. With media and the government, what they’re doing is labeling our youth as this and that, but they have us in these situations where we can’t better ourselves, so we’re forced to deal with what it is they’re throwing at us.  But the way that the Minister is approaching it is a solid way.  It is opening a lot of doors. The way that he’s attacking it—we’re going to see in the next coming months. People are just gaining awareness and a lot of doors are going to open. A lot of people are going to be ready to ride."

#JusticeOrElse | JusticeOrElse.com

Dr. Melina Abdullah of #BlackLivesMatter-LA Chapter supports #JusticeOrElse saying: 'There's nothing to lose but our chains'

Dr. Melina Abdullah is Professor and Chair of Pan-African Studies at California State University, Los Angeles.

"I think #BlackLivesMatter has demonstrated over the last two years of our existence that we're not afraid of the 'or else' part. That we've had enough of this systemic oppression. He's absolutely right! We don't have anything to lose. This system is not for us. Some will say it has abandoned us. It was never built for us from the beginning. So I think we're beginning to recognize that. We don't have jobs, they're taking our wealth. They're even now I'm hearing they're trying to immunize our babies against our will. They're killing our children. There's nothing to lose but our chains! We're not afraid. I'm not afraid. I am only afraid of what might happen if we don't stand up."


We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo! Free Thinkers Question the ‘French 9/11’

Ashahed M. Muhammad is one of the contributors to a newly released book asking the provocative question: ‘Is there another side to the story?’


Only one version of the Charlie Hebdo affair made the mainstream media: “Muslim extremists kill cartoonists and Jews.” An officially orchestrated response—“je suis Charlie”—followed.

But is there another side to the story?

Disturbing facts quickly emerged. Politicians, big media, the security industry, and arms manufacturers all rushed to cash in. And freedom of speech in France –the supposed target of the terrorists—was rolled back by the French government. Even as millions marched for Charlie, millions more sensed that something was very, very wrong.

In We Are Not Charlie Hebdo, twenty-one leading public intellectuals refuse the invitation to identify with “Je Suis Charlie.” Jews, Muslims, Christians, Protestants, Catholics, atheists, people of the left and right, progressives and traditionalists, people from many different countries and ethnicities—all have united to say “we are NOT Charlie Hebdo.” 

Many suspect the whole affair was a false flag operation or psy-op. (Evidence for that interpretation is presented in the book.) Others merely dissent from the official, mythic false consensus.

If you question what governments tell you...if you doubt the mainstream media version of events...if you are NOT Charlie Hebdo...then this book is for you.

Edited by Kevin J. Barrett with contributions by Paul Craig Roberts, Cynthia A. McKinney, Laurent Guyenot, Anthony Hall, Barbara Honegger, Imran Hosein, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, Thaddeus Kozinski, Rabbi Michael Lerner, John Andrew Morrow, Ashahed M. Muhammad, Alain Soral, Yvonne Ridley, Andre Vltchek, Webster Tarpley, Zafar Bangash, Barry Chamish, John B. Cobb, Ole Dammegard and Lawrence Davidson. 

TITLE: We Are Not Charlie Hebdo 
CATEGORIES: Political Science / World / European
AUTHOR/EDITOR: Kevin J. Barrett
ISBN/EAN13:0996143009 / 9780996143004
PAGE COUNT: 244  |  PRICE $19.95 USD

The book is available through Amazon.com. 


What others have said: 

“A breakthrough in the study of State Crimes Against Democracy...”
-David Ray Griffin, author of 9/11 Ten Years Later: When State Crimes Against Democracy Succeed, and Unprecedented: Can Civilization Survive the CO2 Crisis?

“Today’s Western governments and mainstream media are not trustworthy. If you want the truth, you need to read books like this.”
-Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Secretary of Defense, author of The Money Mafia: A World in Crisis

“A necessary set of challenging responses to the Islamophobic manipulation of the Charlie Hebdo incident, suggesting the urgent relevance of dissent and suspicion in response to official versions of controversial events.”
-Richard Falk, Professor Emeritus of International Law, Princeton University


The plight of Aafia Siddiqui: 12 years too long of injustice, say supporters

By Nisa Islam Muhammad 

(FinalCall.com)-Women’s History Month ended in the nation’s capital with a protest in front of the Bureau of Prisons that called for the release of political prisoner Dr. Aafia Siddiqui.

“This is the worst case of individual injustice I’ve seen,” said Mauri Saalakhan, head of the Peace through Justice human rights organization, March 30 as he recounted the words of former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark.

“We are demanding an independent medical team to include her sister, a respected physician, to examine Aafia to determine her mental and physical condition,” he said.

Concern is growing about her physical and psychological status since she hasn’t been seen or heard from by family or friends in nearly a year. They are calling for an independent medical team to be allowed to conduct a full examination of Dr. Siddiqui.

She is being held in Fort Worth, Texas, at the Federal Medical Center Carswell, a prison for female inmates of all security levels with special medical and mental health needs.

Dr. Siddiqui is an MIT and Brandeis University educated neuro scientist who has been called everything from Prisoner 650 to Lady Al-Qaeda after being captured in 2003 and imprisoned in Afghanistan at what many believe was one of America’s torture chambers.

She was released in 2008 with what she says was a bag that her captors gave her that contained U.S. maps and bomb making materials. Moments later she was arrested. During her interrogation she was accused of grabbing a rifle and firing. She was charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

Dr. Siddiqui was flown to America and while imprisoned her health deteriorated so that at her trial she only weighed 90 pounds. She denied all of the charges, was denied the lawyer of her choice and was eventually sentenced to 86 years in prison, say supporters.

“I had the chance to eat in her home, hold her child and speak with her husband,” Imam Abdullah Faaruq from Boston’s Mosque for the Praising of Allah told the crowd. “If this can happen to her, it can happen to you.”

He read a statement from the Muslim Alliance of North America under the leadership of Imam Siraj Wahhaj. “We last saw Sister Aafia five years ago in court in New York City. We listened to the fervent petition for justice by this woman whose advocates include former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, a man of principled dedication.”

“We of MANA encourage those providing the closest legal and social justice advocacy for Sister Aafia to raise the issue of her health and well-being on every political level beyond demonstrations, though gathering today is necessary and good.”

“Further, we urge the Bureau of Prisons to take the health of this courageous woman seriously and to cooperate with those expressing humanitarian concerns regarding her health … . It is a time not only to celebrate the accomplishments of women but to highlight their plights and suffering as well. Today we call upon all Americans to remember Aafia Siddiqui and all female political prisoners,” he said.

While the numbers of protesters were not what the organizers hoped for, support is growing and the story of Dr. Siddiqui’s unlawful imprisonment is spreading, say her defenders. “The numbers were sufficient for us to be able to make our point. More importantly, the quality and diversity of the crowd that showed up was very, very encouraging,” said Mr. Saalakhan.

“There were Sunni and Shi’a, Muslim and non-Muslim supporters of Aafia at the demonstration. Two prominent members of New York’s Majlis Ashura were present, Imam Aiyub and Cheikh Ahmed, to affirm that leadership council’s concern for Aafia,” he noted.

Steve Downs, executive director of the National Coalition To Protect Civil Freedoms, spoke forcefully in defense of Dr. Siddiqui. “We’ve been following several cases of people who are true political prisoners. Aafia’s case is the most troubling. Her case is saturated with lies. Information has been withheld, there were cover ups and misinformation given. After 12 years we need to know the truth. We need to demand this from our government. What happened to her those missing five years?”

Marjan Asi, a former journalist with Press TV, spoke. “As a journalist I’ve covered many cases and stories. This is a deep dark case of injustice that even the government is trying to bury,” she said.

Mr. Saalakhan felt the most memorable address was the speech delivered by well known and highly respected Washington area educator Salahudeen Abdul Kareem. “He walked the crowd through some of the ‘law’ and operating principles and procedures that were being violated by the BOP in its treatment of Dr. Siddiqui and other political prisoners; while challenging the Black director of the BOP (Charles Samuels) to honor the legacy of the people who’s shoulders helped elevate him into that high office, by doing the right thing.”

Her supporters insist Dr. Siddiqui has done nothing wrong. “On March 30, 2003, not long after her return to Pakistan, Dr. Siddiqui and her three young children (ages 6, 4, and six months) were the targets of a rendition operation carried out by Pakistani and American agents, based on nothing more than suspicion. In 2008, after public discovery that Aafia was a secretly-held prisoner at the American controlled ‘detention center’ in Bagram, Afghanistan, she was mysteriously released in a weakened and disheveled state, reunited with her son Ahmed, and set up to be killed,” according to freeaafia.org, a website set up to support her cause.

“Aafia was shot and seriously injured by an American soldier while awaiting re-interrogation in an Afghan police compound. She was subsequently brought back to the United States and put on trial in a federal courthouse in New York City (2010). Found guilty of ‘attempting to murder U.S. personnel’ in Afghanistan (despite all of the evidence proving otherwise), she was given a sentence of 86 YEARS (Life without the possibility of parole),” the website said.


Christopher Bollyn, author of 'Solving 9/11: The Deception That Changed The World.'

A few weeks ago on my radio show 'Take Another Look' many of you heard my interview with researcher Christopher Bollyn, author of 'Solving 9/11: The Deception That Changed The World.' 

He delivered riveting detailed information, powerful truths and wasn't afraid to name names. He was referenced in today's message delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan​, and more of Bollyn's writings are available at http://www.bollyn.com.


'Take Another Look' at the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical Industry is essentially a legalized drug cartel. Drugs are distributed and dispensed with long lists of harmful side effects, and in some cases, they cause the person taking them to harm others. Their effectiveness varies from person to person, they are costly, and they are toxic.

Many become physically and mentally dependent on them. Psychiatric and Psychotropic drugs along with Psychostimulants are spreading throughout the land. I'm in no way a medical expert, but several medical experts spoke Saturday, February 21 at Mosque Maryam in Chicago, IL.

This topic is just one we discussed during the session titled 'Viruses: Weapons of Mass Destruction' as a part of Saviours' Day 2015.

I invite you to check out the video archive here @  http://www.noi.org/webcast-archive/


Nation of Islam - Saviours' Day Weekend 2015 | Events and Webcast Information #SD15

The Nation of Islam is hosting a special panel discussion on 'Viruses: Weapons of Mass Destruction' Saturday February 21, 2015 at the National Center - Mosque Maryam, 7351 S. Stony Island Avenue in Chicago, IL. The program is FREE and open to the community.  Program begins at 11AM Central Time (Doors open @ 10AM). 

If outside of the metropolitan Chicagoland area, you can watch it live via webcast @ http://NOI.org/webcast

Saturday's panel discussion, 'Viruses: Weapons of Mass Destruction' will feature panelists Dr. Safiyya Shabazz, Dr. Scott Whitaker, Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Dr. Akili Graham Muhammad. #SD15



Contact: Richard B. Muhammad, editor, The Final Call Newspaper
Email: editor@finalcall.com, straightwords4@gmail.com

CHICAGO (Feb. 19)—The Nation of Islam’s annual Saviours’ Day commemoration will be held this weekend in the Windy City and headquarters of the 85-year-old movement in America. The theme for this year’s keynote address to be delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is “The Intensifying, Universal Cry for Justice.”

His address will be delivered at Christ Universal Temple Sunday, Feb. 22, with doors opening at 12 noon and the program starting at 2 p.m. CST. Christ Universal Temple is located at 11901 S. Ashland in Chicago. Admission is free. The address will also be available live at NOI.org

Nation of Islam mosques and study groups will be celebrating the weekend with a variety of events, including workshops, marches and dinner as a weekend of informative workshops, spiritual renewal, fellowship and networking is enjoyed. In Chicago, children’s activities, a special Saturday workshop and dinner will be held.

Each year the convention, often called the Crowning Event of Black History Month, marks the birth of the founder of the Nation of Islam, Master W. Fard Muhammad, who started teaching in Black Bottom Detroit in 1930, and commissioned the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad with the mission of raising Black people in America.

Working media only can register at http://www.finalcall.com/press for credentialing purposes.


The Intensifying, Universal Cry for Justice -Minister Louis Farrakhan - February 22, 2015


An exciting new phase in UFO research and disclosure involves YOU!

Some of you may remember nearly a year ago, I went to the International UFO Conference in Fountain Hills, AZ.

We shared a lot of good information and I made some excellent contacts. Some links for your review are below. 

On tonight's edition of 'Take Another Look' in preparation for this year's conference, we'll review some of what happened and I'll share some new information. 

We're entering into an exciting new phase dealing with aerial phenomena and disclosure. 

It will involve YOU! 

Join us! 9P CT | 10P ET [Worldwide] ‪#‎London‬ 3A | ‪#‎Dubai‬ 7A | ‪#‎Paris‬ 4A ‪#‎Cuba‬ 10P KNOW 1 Radio​ ‪#‎Know1Radio‬ ‪#‎K1R‬

Data review from the 2014 #IUFOC

Day One: The 23rd Annual UFO Congress Convention and Film Fest #IUFOC

Day Two: The 23rd Annual UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival #IUFOC

Day Three: The 23rd Annual UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival #IUFOC


'The Holocaust, History, and Hate' by Ashahed M. Muhammad | January 28, 2015 |

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Mikal Veale /Choice Imagery )

The United Nations General Assembly designated January 27 as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. I visited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) during one of my trips to Washington D.C.

As I walked through the halls of this very impressive museum, I thought to myself: How could a group experience such terrible suffering, yet, in an ironically tragic role reversal, shockingly participate in inflicting the same type of suffering upon others? Look at the tremendous suffering of the Palestinian people. Witness the documented involvement of Jewish people in developing the architecture of White Supremacy and Jim Crow.

According to the USHMM’s directors, since its dedication in 1993, it has welcomed more than 37.3 million visitors, including 96 heads of state and more than ten million school-age children. In fact, when I was there during my visit, an all-Black middle school class from Maryland, numbering about 40, took the tour of the building and many exhibits.

I reflected as I stood quietly looking at the flame in the Hall of Remembrance. I looked closely at the dreadful black and white photos of the emaciated bodies of many who perished. I read the long lists of those whose names are known but faces aren’t. I stared at the portrait of Officer Stephen Tyrone Johns, the Black man who was gunned down protecting those inside the USHMM when crazed 88-year-old White-Supremacist James Wenneker von Brunn came into the USHMM  shooting a rifle on June 10, 2009.

A quiet moment of reflection in the Hall of Remembrance. (Photo: Mikal Veale/Choice Imagery) 

I found it ironic that in the foyer, there is an inscription with words from the Declaration of Independence: “All men are created equal;…They are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights...among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” There are some Jewish people who don’t consider anyone to be their equal and if you’ve read any of my previous writings, you know my position on that.

I found two exhibits particularly fascinating: “A Dangerous Lie: Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and “The Nuremberg Trials: What Is Justice?”  What is justice? What an excellent question!

No one finds it unreasonable that Jewish people desire to hunt down anyone, anywhere, who had a role in their suffering. In fact, the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s “Operation Last Chance” was formed just for that purpose. Don’t believe me? Consider this from the project’s website:

“Operation Last Chance is a campaign to bring remaining Nazi war criminals to justice by offering financial rewards for information leading to their arrest and conviction. To date the initiative has been launched in Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Romania, Austria, Croatia, and Hungary.”

Here are some of the names from their “Most Wanted” list of Nazi war criminals: Gerhard Sommer, 93, (Last known location: Germany), Vladimir Katriuk, 93, (Last known location: Canada), Søren Kam, 93, (Last known location: Germany), Theodor Szehinskyj, 91, (Last known location: United States), Helmut Oberlander, 91, (Last known location: Canada). 

They have successfully hunted down and arrested men in their 90s who were later found for medical reasons to be unfit for trial. They will not rest until they obtain justice and the offenders are made to pay for their crimes.  No “turn the other cheek” or “forgive and forget” teachings exist in their realm.

Having read and heard so much about The Protocols in my life, I thought about the creation of this publication that has taken on a life of its own. The Protocols have been published, republished, circulated, translated and have reached almost every part of the planet. The document is significant by all accounts, even if its veracity is still questioned by many. It should be noted that because of its impact, it warranted its very own featured exhibit at the USHMM.

The Exhibit “A Dangerous Lie: Protocols of the Elders of Zion” examines the influence of this infamous document that has been translated and spread throughout the earth. (Photo: Mikal Veale/Choice Imagery) 

Prior to exiting, I talked with one of the women acting as chaperones for the junior high school students near the bookstore. My intense focus and concentration during the tour intrigued her. My questions caused her to think deeper about what kind of historical realities are being planted in the minds of our  youth. I’m not implying that there is anything wrong with them taking a tour of the USHMM, it’s just that regrettably, after the pre-teens walked through the USHMM, do they know more about Auschwitz and Storm Troopers, than they do about Gorée Island and Slave Traders?  

It was indoctrination at its finest, but what do you expect? The curators of the USHMM are telling their story and they are doing it with over 18,000 objects of art and artifacts, 76.6 million pages of archived data with 134 million digital images, 89,000 historical photographs, 1,050 hours of archival video footage and over 14,000 oral history testimonies from survivors, witnesses and perpetrators.
Perhaps the most important fact, is that they have a Base Operating Budget of $87.6 million in Fiscal Year 2014. ($52.4 million in federal revised appropriation; $35.2 million in unrestricted private donations and investment income.)

Any self-respecting people interested in transferring generational knowledge must tell their own stories. 

The Charles Wright Museum in Detroit, Michigan; the DuSable Museum in Chicago, Illinois; and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio are all wonderful repositories of information related to the Black Holocaust. Have you visited any of them? Have you taken a weekend to take your teenage children to visit them? Have you supported them financially by becoming a member, or donating?

If we are to have institutions that will tell our stories, we must build them, and once we build them, we must support them as responsible custodians and guardians of our sacred truths.

Holocaust ‘Denial’ and Zionism’s critics

Contrary to what has been presented via the decades long smear campaign of the ADL, neither the Nation of Islam nor Minister Louis Farrakhan has ever engaged in what is called “Holocaust Denial.” Far from denying it, we submit that the Black Holocaust is in fact the worst crime against humanity to ever occur. Yes, I know what they mean when they refer to the Holocaust. They believe what took place at the hands of Adolph Hitler and his henchman is unrivaled in the annals of history.

In fact, I shook hands with an Auschwitz Holocaust survivor, Hajo Meyer, when the 2011 “Never Again For Anyone” tour came to Chicago. He wrote a book titled “The End of Judaism” which he autographed for me. The book accuses Israel of using the Holocaust to justify their oppression and crimes against the Palestinian people. He passed in the summer of 2014. I had never heard a more staunch and vocal critic of Zionism.

Another critic of Zionism who has suffered personally and professionally because of his honesty is Dr. Norman Finkelstein. One of his many books is titled “The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering.” He is also the son of Holocaust survivors. A courageous man.

 With Dr. Norman Finkelstein after one of many his lectures in Chicago.
(Photo: TEI Enlightener News Service) 
And of course, I’ve had the opportunity on numerous occasions to talk to Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss of Neturei Karta International, an anti-Zionist grouping of Haredi Jews who are outspokenly critical of Zionism. One of my most memorable moments involving them is in 2009, when I was in the halls of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland and well-known Zionist lawyer Alan Dershowitz and Rabbi Weiss almost had a physical altercation! Mr. Dershowitz was the aggressor. I saw it with my own eyes.

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss of Naturei Karta International  in 2009 at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.
(Photo: TEI Enlightener News Servuce)

And on another occasion, I was in Tampa International Airport last year on my way back to Chicago, and I saw the “high priest” of the Holocaust religion, Elie Wiesel, live and in person. We didn’t exchange greetings or anything. I saw him, he didn’t see me, plus, he doesn’t know me. I raise his name in this particular context to remind you that he was the one who famously said:

“Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate—healthy, virile hate—for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German.”

His words are instructive.  

Again, no “turn the other cheek” or “forgive and forget” teachings exist in their realm.

As a testament to their awesome control of public knowledge, the enemies of truth focus only on that which they feel it is “safe” for you to know. Whether in the area of politics, history, economics, or science, many books—especially those designed for academic use—are presumed to have been thoroughly evaluated by impartial scholars and fact checkers. Such is not the case. As we have learned, misrepresentation is the rule, not the exception—especially when it comes to dealing with Black history. 

In all cases, a review of previously accepted historical realities is necessary. As time goes on, new information becomes available challenging previously accepted views. Don’t be afraid to investigate unpopular or controversial views for yourself. The truth is out there.

(Ashahed M. Muhammad is the executive director of the Truth Establishment Institute and Assistant Editor of the influential weekly The Final Call. His interviews and writings are widely read by those looking for balanced information and alternative viewpoints. He hosts a weekly radio show 'Take Another Look' Wednesdays at 9PM Central on Know1Radio.com. On Twitter @AshahedM )