UFOs: 'Above Top Secret' but known to God and his people

Methodically, using scriptural references, clear evidence and actual statements from government officials and others, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered compelling information regarding the subject of what are commonly called “Unidentified Flying Objects” or “UFOs” in a special Part 51 of his yearlong series titled “The Time and What Must Be Done,” which aired December 27.

“The intention of these broadcasts is to lay bare the truth of this phenomenon as taught to us by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and it is to free all those who have been intimidated, and made to look crazy, so that they will rise up and join us to tell the world what they have seen and what they have heard, and what they have experienced,” declared Min. Farrakhan in a message that ran nearly twenty-five minutes longer than his customary weekly program length of one hour.

In many cases, skepticism regarding the subject of aerial phenomena develops because of the way those who speak of their experiences with these objects are portrayed in the media. They are typically mocked and described as being crazed conspiracy theorists.

Although they are commonly referred to as “UFOs,” Minister Farrakhan, conveying the uncompromising truth delivered by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, explained these aerial objects are known to their pilots, and the one who controls them, God himself.

Furthermore, many who have had what are called “abduction experiences,” or believe they have seen these airborne objects firsthand—including members of the government, military, and intelligence community—have taken the secrets of those encounters to their graves.

Minister Farrakhan said despite what is often reported publicly in the media, the American government considers it to be of great importance classifying investigation into these matters as “Above Top Secret.”

According to The Disclosure Project, a group which conducts research into UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence and advanced energy and propulsion systems, as of August 2013, 24 countries have released, or are in litigation to release their findings on UFOs: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United Nations, United Kingdom, Uruguay, and The Vatican City. 

The public wants this information, however, America lags far behind many countries related to the release of substantive data related to aerial phenomena, said the Minister. To governmental and military officials, this is considered a matter of national security.

“Whenever a nation is faced with a superior power that possesses a superior weapon that the present power and its warmongers cannot master, then that nation is unable to do the first thing that a sovereign nation must do, and that is to protect and secure her citizens,” said Minister Farrakhan. “The protection of every human being on our planet now is threatened by the presence of something that America has been dealing with since 1940, but, this Great Mother Wheel has been in existence since 1929.”


UN Agency: Again Israel demolition of Arab homes violates international law

Father and son with what's left of their belongings following latest demolitions in the West Bank, which displaced many families. (PHOTO: UNRWA)  

The United Nations agency assisting Palestinian refugees condemned Israel’s latest demolitions in the West Bank which have displaced 68 people, including 32 children, in the depths of winter, saying it is violating international law and calling on it to abide by its obligations.

“Because of these demolitions, which violate international law, these historically self-sufficient communities have been forced to endure the pitiless seasonal weather in inadequate housing, entirely dependent on international assistance,” the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) said of the demolitions which took place on Dec. 24 in Ein Ayoub near Ramallah and Fasayil Al Wusta near Jericho in the Jordan valley.

“We call on Israel to abide by its obligations under international law, most particularly to ensure the humane treatment and protection of the civilian Palestinian population at all times, including through an immediate halt to administrative demolitions,” it added, noting that to date at least 1,103 Palestinians have been displaced throughout the West Bank in Area C, and East Jerusalem, exceeding the numbers for 2012.

Area C, where Israel still retains control over security, planning and building, represents over 60 per cent of the West Bank.

The majority of those displaced most recently, 46, are Palestinian refugees, including a five-year-old girl who is paralyzed from the waist down. They are now being sheltered in tents distributed by the Palestinian Red Crescent, with night-time temperatures plunging to around zero Celsius, while some 750 head of sheep and goats are without shelter at this crucial lambing season.

“These are Bedouin communities who managed to weather the recent snow storms,” UNRWA said. “On this day, many people around the world are celebrating family life with their children. But thanks to the ‘administrative demolitions’ these families have lost their homes and their livelihoods are severely threatened.”
The Agency stressed that administrative demolition is not a solution for Palestinians in Area C and are a common trigger of forced displacement, possibly amounting to a forcible transfer and forced eviction under international humanitarian law and human rights law.

It reiterated a statement in September by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay that “mass demolitions raise serious concerns about the prohibition on forced eviction under international human rights law, and Israel’s obligations to respect, protect and fulfill the rights of Palestinians to adequate housing and freedom from arbitrary or unlawful interference with privacy, family and home.”

Of the 1,103 Palestinians displaced so far this year, about a third are refugees, and at least 558 are children, including 195 refugees.

Furthermore, a total of 1,813 Palestinians, including 497 refugees, have been affected by the loss of non-residential structures such as animal pens that support livelihoods. In total, 663 structures, including 259 residential units, were recorded demolished since the start of this year in the West Bank. At least 175 structures belonged to registered refugees.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sits out Mandela Memorial

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's missing the Mandela Memorial clearly shows his immorality and stubborn ideological adherence to the #Apartheid way.

Disagreeable to live with in peace and unable to be trusted whether dealing with Gaza, Syria or Iran.


ADL spied on U.S. anti-Apartheid activists | Apartheid Israel & Apartheid South Africa were partners. #Mandela

During the time when Nelson Mandela was imprisoned the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) was spying on American anti-Apartheid activists and sharing information with the South African government and their intelligence services.

In fact, in many areas, Israel's Apartheid gov't and the South African Apartheid gov't worked in collusion as partners.

In Sasha Polakow-Suransky's book 'The Unspoken Alliance: Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa' it is written that then-ADL National Director Nathan Perlmutter co-authored an article calling Mandela's African National Congress “totalitarian, anti-humane, anti-democratic, anti-Israel and anti-American.”

Now, the ADL apparently loves Mandela and hopes that you will never learn about the historical realities I just briefly noted.

Don't fall for the revisionist history of the ADL.

Minister Louis Farrakhan on Nelson Mandela 'The Revolutionary'

“When revolutionaries—true revolutionaries—come into the world they change people’s minds, they change people’s hearts and they change the destiny of nations. Such a man is Nelson Mandela.”

 -- Min. Louis Farrakhan
July 18, 2013

The Embassy of the State of Palestine to the Republic of South Africa on Passing of the Great Leader, Nelson Mandela

The Embassy of the State of Palestine to the Republic of South Africa on Passing of the Great Leader, Nelson Mandela

Pretoria, 6th December 2013

The Embassy of the State of Palestine to South Africa sends its sincere condolences to the Mandela family and the South African people and leadership on the passing of the great leader and son of Africa, Nelson Mandela.

His teachings of bravery and compassion will live on, particularly in the hearts of the Palestinian people.

Nelson Mandela was a great leader who stood out for his courage and determination to free his people from the injustice legislated upon them during the harsh Apartheid-era with wisdom and care for humanity. He taught the world the true meaning of a hero.

The Palestinian leadership, led by Mahmoud Abbas, is grieved by the loss of the inspirational leader Nelson Mandela and has declared a day of mourning in Palestine. This is signified by the Palestinian leadership’s order for all flags of the State of Palestine to be lowered to half-mast.

As President Mahmoud Abbas mentioned, the Palestinian people are mourning the loss of the great international leader. Mandela’s life and teachings stood and will continue to stand as a hope for the Palestinian people and whose approach to injustice stands as a model to Palestine.

Nelson Mandela was a man with high values and principles who not only fought the injustice of his own people but also the injustice subjugated on those worldwide, particularly on the Palestinian people. Mandela played a pivotal role in the Palestinian struggle for freedom. In his famous quote, Mandela said: “We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians”. He was one of the bravest and most important men in the world who supported the Palestinian people in their right to self-determination. His efforts and compassion for the Palestinian cause will be forever appreciated.

The Embassy of the State of Palestine in South Africa is sure that the seed of solidarity with the Palestinian people planted by Nelson Mandela will grow on through South Africa at large. The Embassy of Palestine would also like to thank South Africa for its strong position in favour of Palestine and for honouring the Palestinian people with the support from its greatest leader.

The loss of Nelson Mandela reminds Palestinians of the loss of the great Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Both leaders fearlessly defied domination and intimidation from their respective oppressors and selflessly put their lives in stake to defend their people. They were exceptionally brave men whose efforts will not be forgotten.

The Embassy of the State of Palestine once again conveys its heartfelt condolences to the Mandela family, the brave leadership of South Africa, the ANC, the South African people and to the world at large for this painful loss. May Almighty God help ease your and our mourning and may the legacy of Nelson Mandela live on forever.

Tamer Al-Massri
Media Officer, Embassy of the State of Palestine

South Africa's Jamiatul Ulama on the passing of Nelson Mandela

On the Occasion of the Passing of Mr Nelson R Mandela
(For Immediate Release)

We condole the Mandela family and join all South Africans and the people of goodwill around the globe expressing sadness upon the passing of Mr Nelson R Mandela, an international statesman and the most recognisable global icon of the struggle for freedom and the restoration of human dignity in modern times.

Mr Mandela’s withdrawal from public life few years ago was a conscious decision and a mark of his greatness, yet a realisation that no matter how crucial the role he played was, there would be a time the nation and the world would be without him

He passed on the baton of leadership, leaving it to us to continue with the many struggles he courageously led by example in ending civil strife and seeking reconciliation. His qualities of humility, grace and visionary leadership set him apart among peers and he shall remain a source of immense inspiration for generations to come.

The world will forever remember him for his selflessness, spirit of sacrifice and sense of purpose which led the liberation movement to end the injustices of apartheid and make South Africa free. We shall remain indebted in gratitude to Mr Mandela for his contribution.

On the occasion of his passing, let us all remember Mr Mandela with dignity and in a manner befitting the remarkable attributes of his life through a renewal of our own commitment towards the ideals he lived for.

E.I. Bham (Moulana)
Secretary General 

6 December 2013


Deen Intensive Academy Islamic Conference coming to Houston, Texas December 19-22!

If any of you attended the inaugural Deen Intensive Academy in Washington D.C., earlier this year, you know what happened. If you weren't able to attend but you heard about it, then you know that it is an Islamic conference that you do not want to miss. The next one is in a few weeks in Houston, TX. Act now and make your plans to be there!


A Complicated History of Blacks and War in America

In WWII, several Tuskegee Airmen at Ramitelli, Italy, March 1945. Photo: Library of Congress

Black soldiers have fought, bled, killed and died in America’s wars, even while being subjected to a life as second and even third class citizens in the land in which they lived. It is a complex history rife with contradictions and injustices.

The Revolutionary War

Crispus Attucks, who was a slave when he died in the Boston Massacre in 1770, is widely considered the first casualty of the Revolutionary War. In 1776 Congress passed legislation allowing Black men to enlist in the Armed Services, and as a result, thousands of Black men joined the Army and fought in the war, on both sides. 
The Northern states opened their ranks to freed slaves, however, in the South, it was forbidden to give weapons to slaves as the plantation owners feared retribution from those considered their “property.”

The British offered freedom to any runaway slaves who fought on their side, and many did.

War of 1812

On June 17, 1812 due to simmering tensions, the United States declared war on Britain. Historians say Black men accounted for 20 to 25 percent of the U.S. Naval personnel and performed valiantly. 

The Civil War (1861-1865)

In the American Civil War, Blacks fought on the side of the Union and the Confederacy. Though controversial, Blacks served the Union Army and Navy, ostensibly, with something to fight for since the North was seen as more open to delivering freedom. As for those in the South to be fighters for the Confederacy, they were used primarily for labor. The military officials and slave owners still feared giving them arms which could be used to exact retribution. Though Black soldiers fought bravely, they were still discriminated against in pay, received shoddy equipment and often were not given uniforms.

World War I (1917-1918)

Although the U.S. Armed Forces were still segregated  like the rest of society, Blacks eagerly volunteered to fight bolstering America’s forces by over 350,000 soldiers.   At first Black soldiers were relegated only to support roles, however, the United States, as a part of the Allied Powers saw fit to “allow” Black soldiers into the theater of war.
According to researchers at the New York State Military Museum and Veterans Research Center, The New York National Guard 369th Infantry regiment, nicknamed “The Harlem Hellfighters” were under-appreciated for their brave efforts in WWI. Five hundred members of the regiment received the French “Croix de Guerre,” or “War Cross” and researchers also said “The Harlem Hellfighters” spent more time in continuous combat than any other American unit during that war. 

In WWI Harlem Hellfighters who won the Croix de Guerre for gallantry in action. Left to right. Front row: Pvt. Ed Williams, Herbert Taylor, Pvt. Leon Fraitor, Pvt. Ralph Hawkins. Back Row: Sgt. H. D. Prinas, Sgt. Dan Strorms, Pvt. Joe Williams, Pvt. Alfred Hanley, and Cpl. T. W. Taylor. Photo: U.S. Historical Archives

World War II (1941-1945)

The Tuskegee Airmen fought valiantly while protecting the lives of White soldiers, however, upon returning to the military bases, White German soldiers who were enemy combatants and prisoners of war received better treatment than they did. Many Tuskegee Airmen died, ashamed to show their pictures or even talk about their experiences.

Following WWII, these highly trained and skillful pilots returned to the United States and were denied positions as commercial airline pilots because  at that time, companies did not hire Blacks.

It was not until 2007 that President George W. Bush presented the Congressional Gold Medal to the remaining living Tuskegee Airmen  or their widows, as a commendation and public recognition of their service and sacrifice.


Jasiri X - The Most Relevant Artist in Hip-Hop releases 'Strange Fruit (Class of 2013)'

Jasiri X releases his new video dedicated to the memories of Renisha McBride, Jonathan Ferrell and Kendrick Johnson, 'Strange Fruit (Class of 2013)' was produced by Religion and directed by Haute Muslim

Free MP3 Download at http://jasirix.bandcamp.com/ 
Follow Jasiri X at https://twitter.com/jasiri_x

They say Jasiri X you preach too much 
I'm like Black people we asleep too much 
A Black President but he doesn't speak for us 
Another Black body lynched is not unique to us 
Meanwhile Kanye's rocking confederate flags 
Jay Z and Barneys going half on sweaters and bags 
It's not their fault it's ours all we measure is swag 
They getting money get money what's better than cash 
Forever in last riding in Berratas and Jags but don't crash 
If you do and need help don't ask 
Cause all Renisha got was a shotgun blast 
Just for knocking on the door left rotting on the floor 
Half her face gone but no one was locked up like Akon 
Black life comes with no insurance like State Farm 
Race wrong black people better put ya brakes on 
End up on a strange porch ended up as stained corpse 
Different city same sport 
It's not a accident if you hit the witness you aimed for 
Bullets left her face torn 
Victim in a race war make a nigga hate more 
Show up at that same door let that 38 roar 
What will be my fate Lord death by an officer? 
Who I ran to thinking help he would offer up 
10 shot to the chest stretched now they chalking 
Another black man looking fresh in that coffin or 
Beaten to my ribs cracked rolled up in a gym mat 
Blood on my kicks match police say I did that 
No crime the kids black cased closed casket shut 
But take his organs fill em with newspaper and patch em up 
Now tell me if that bullshit is matching up 
I know you just wanna see her twerking then back it up 
But that's what happens when we make our rappers leaders 
And our most intelligent just wanna be on TV speaking 
And they give reality TV shows to preachers 
and we think activism is Facebooking and Tweeting 
12 years a slave we still fighting for freedom 
Just look at the headlines seeing is believing


Excellent interview w/ Khalilah Camacho-Ali from the popular documentary 'The Trials of Muhammad Ali'

I just completed an excellent interview w/ Khalilah Camacho-Ali, former wife of Muhammad Ali, who played a key role in making sure the documentary, The Trials of Muhammad Ali, turned out the way it did. 

She said when she was approached to be a part of it in the very beginning, she told the director, Bill Siegel, that Minister Louis Farrakhan's valuable perspective MUST be included if the truth about the champion fighter was to be told. 

(Photos: Tim Sixx)
If you've watched the documentary, you know she has a lot of personality, and believe me, she was the same way in person. Very colorful, expressive, and direct.  

A delight to interview! You'll love it!

Thanks to Edward Steave & Warren Muhammad for their expert camera work and in advance for what I'm sure will be flawless editing resulting in a valuable finished product.

Even if you are not one who typically likes documentaries, I think you will enjoy this one.
For more details regarding nationwide showings go to: http://kartemquin.com/films/the-trials-of-muhammad-ali/events


Remembering the Tuskegee Airmen and all Black Veterans of foreign wars

Early this morning (at like 3AM) I happened to catch this documentary on PBS dealing w/ members of the Tuskegee Airmen from Western Pennsylvania. I enjoyed it thoroughly and although I actually toured the Tuskegee Airmen Museum and visited Moten Field in Tuskegee, Alabama earlier this year, I gained an even deeper appreciation for what they had to endure upon hearing more of the back story in this documentary.

Your views on them fighting for the United States notwithstanding, their sacrifices and struggles should be known to Black people and all people. That's definitely a discussion that needs to be had, but, the fact remains, Veterans Day is not just for White Veterans. Black men have lost their lives in many of this country's foreign wars. Let's not let them be written out of history and let's place it in its proper context for future generations who WILL have a land of their own to fight for. 

I have some photos from that tour. If I can find them, I may post some.

Documentary Info: http://www.aptonline.org/catalog.nsf/vLinkTitle/FLY+BOYS+WESTERN+PENNSYLVANIA+S+TUSKEGEE+AIRMEN


'The Trials of Muhammad Ali' showing in Chicago November 8th through 14th!

I've written about how much I enjoyed the new documentary 'The Trials of Muhammad Ali' and if you are in the Chicago area, you'll have the opportunity to check it out for yourself!

Khalilah Camacho-Ali  the former Mrs. Muhammad Ali, who is featured in the documentary – will be in town as well to promote the film and make appearances at select screenings which are indicated below.

Here are the dates, times and locations for showings here between November 8th and 14th. Call if you need more details beyond what I've provided below, and if you check it out, let me know what you think!

Music Box Theatre (North side) | 773-871-6607
3733 N. Southport Ave., Chicago, IL 60613
Showtimes: 5:00, 7:15, 9:30.
*Special appearance by Bill Siegel and Khalilah Camacho-Ali at 8pm screening Nov 8th (tickets).
*Special appearance by Athletes United for Peace at 7:15 pm screening Nov 13th.

Chatham 14 (South side) | 773-332-1450
210 West 87th Street, Chicago, IL
Showing daily: 12:15, 2:30, 4:45, 7:15 & 9:30.
*Special appearance by Bill Siegel and Khalilah Camacho-Ali at 4:45pm screening Nov 9th.

ICE Lawndale 10 (West side) | 773-236-8423
3330 W. Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, IL 60624
Showtimes TBC.
*Special appearance by Bill Siegel and Khalilah Camacho-Ali at 7pm screening Nov 10th.

More details regarding nationwide showings here: http://kartemquin.com/films/the-trials-of-muhammad-ali/events


[TODAY!] Ava Muhammad & Frances Cress Welsing discuss '12 Years a Slave', 'Django' & 'The Butler'

TODAY on Elevated Places with Dr. Ava Muhammad, she and renowned author and researcher Dr. Frances Cress Welsing will share their thoughts on whether movies like #Django #TheButler & #12YearsASlave are good or bad for the Black psyche. 

What's behind them? What will be the short term and long term effects of such movies?
This promises to be a fascinating discussion! I can't wait to hear what they have to share!

| 4PM CT | 1690AM WVON | 
Streaming live at WVON.com. 
Don't miss it! Spread the word!


'The Trials of Muhammad Ali' - An Excellent & Balanced Documentary

I just finished watching an advance press screener of the new documentary 'The Trials of Muhammad Ali,' sent to me from Kartemquin Films (Hoop Dreams, The Interrupters). 

I've watched many documentaries and various programs purporting to deal with Muhammad Ali's story and turbulent times outside of the ring. This is by far the fairest treatment I've seen because of the prominent presence and voices of those who actually lived through it. 

Little known facts are provided along with outstanding archival footage and candid interviews with Minister Louis Farrakhan, NOI pioneers Abdul Rahman Muhammad and Abdul Bey Muhammad, as well as veteran journalist and radio host Salim Muwakkil. You will learn and it will make you think. 

There are many viewings taking place in various cities over the next few weeks. Check it out. You'll be glad you did. 

Go to: http://kartemquin.com/events for times and locations.


Reflections on Kwame Kilpatrick's 28-year sentencing

November 4, 2009 interview with former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick

On Monday, Nov 1st, 2009, I received an unexpected call on my cell phone from former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. I hadn't talked with him for quite some time, but always let him know whenever we talked that I'd be available to provide him the opportunity to share what he felt comfortable to share when he was ready. 

He always said 'No doubt Ashahed. I will. I promise, you'll be the first I call."

You've probably heard by now that he was sentenced to 28-years in prison.

He has always loved and supported Minister Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam. While most observers who have followed the saga and those in the know agree that he made mistakes, many believe his support of the Nation of Islam, and relationship with the Minister is one of the main reasons he was targeted so viciously by law enforcement and other business and political foes both Black and White. 
Many will continue to debate that issue as well as whether such harsh sentencing was warranted.

When he called, he told me he would be in Chicago in a couple of days and wanted to know if I'd be available to sit down for that interview he promised me. On Nov. 4, 2009, he made his word bond. Myself and Videographer Warren Muhammad met him early in the morning at a luxury hotel downtown for the interview.

One thing stands out to me is when he said: "Sometimes your gift takes you to a place that your character is not prepared to handle." I wish there were more people (especially publicly elected officials) on this planet with the courage to be so honest.

Another thing I remember is that he said he trusted me and The Final Call more than the mainstream media to share his thoughts because he was confident that we would 'get it right.'

Below is the link to the FCN interview and segments are also available for viewing on YouTube. Check it out and share your thoughts if you like.

[Archive] Kwame Kilpatrick - Exclusive FCN Interview (Nov. 2009) 

Rev. Horace Sheffield, III calls on Pres. Obama to address Kwame Kilpatrick's 28-year sentence

Minister Louis Farrakhan (L) and Reverend Horace Sheffield, III (R) leader of the New Destiny Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan prior to a May 2013 meeting of spiritual, political and community leaders to deal with revitalization efforts for the city. (Photo: Andrea Stinson  for The Final Call)

DETROIT--The Rev. Horace L. Sheffield, III, Chairman of the Detroit Ecumenical Ministers Alliance, releases the following statement with regard to the sentencing and punitive measures reached by the U.S. District Court in the matter of Kwame M. Kilpatrick.

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick
“Before I run the risk of sounding apologetic for the clearly inexcusable conduct of former Mayor Kilpatrick let me first say this his abuse of the public trust and the tremendous ill it has caused that no one, not even me, believes or advocates that it be excused or that he not to be punished. Mayor Kwame Kipatrick, as he even admits, was wrong and for that he should have been punished, and clearly he is being.

However, for him to be the only who has to be taught a lesson and made to pay for abusing public funds and the public trust is equally criminal. The very nature of Kilpatrick’s conviction, under the Federal RICO statute, means that what he did, he did with the aid and assistance of many others, and more than Bobby Ferguson. What about all the firms and businesses who paid to play, and are still benefiting from it? All of these entities prospered from what the Feds labeled as a criminal enterprise. Why aren't they being made to pay our public money back plus costs and fine? Surely, they testified against the former Mayor and Mr. Ferguson, and received consideration for it – not going to jail as well! But why should they be also allowed to keep all of the ill gotten and criminal gains? Why are they allowed to be so enriched at the tax payers and the city’s expense? Why isn't Kevin Orr pursuing them and asking them to pay us OUR MONEY back to help relieve our fiscal and image crisis?

If the supreme rule here is to prove that no one, not even Kwame, is or will ever be above the law, which is what many say is why the support his conviction and harsh sentencing, then why hasn't Lakeshore Engineering, who houses the police department in their building who is still profiting from this not been punished?  Why are these entities that willingly and knowingly chose to involve themselves in a criminal enterprise still being allowed to do business with our city? Simply put, why are they still in essence paid players when they paid to play? Should their testimony in court exonerate them? I don’t think so and I also think that they should pay the city back every dime and be prohibited from ever doing business with us again. 

Finally, my prayer today is, aside from the one that Detroiters will see the real agenda and wake up and make a statement against such imbalance by tipping the scale of justice when they vote in record numbers this November, and that President Obama will commute Kwame Kilpatrick’s sentence to a more reasonable just minutes before he leaves office.”

(Rev. Horace L. Sheffield, III, Chairman of the Detroit Ecumenical Ministers Alliance (DEMA) can be reached at  313-283-9587 or via e-mail: Sheffield3@aol.com)


Pan African Forum on REPARATIONS (NYC | D12)

Pan African Forum on REPARATIONS
Caribbean Nations [CARICOM] Raise Banner and Demand for Reparation

WHEN: Friday, October 11, 2013

WHERE: Sistas' Place, 456 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn [corner of Jefferson Ave]

6:00 PM:  Film Showing - DURBAN 400 (Historic Film on 2001 World Conference against Racism 
in Durban, South Africa)

7:00 PM:  Guest Speakers: DAVID COMISSIONG, Barbados Reparations Committee, CIKIAH THOMAS, Global African Congress - Canada, ROGER WAREHAM, December 12th Movement - United States

For information call [718] 398-1766


Ever thought about a Tesla? Test Driven by Guest Blogger Erich Muhammad

Have you ever thought about a Tesla?
An electrifying driving experience like no other
by Erich Muhammad

The Tesla Model S
‘Those who say it cannot be done should stop interrupting those who are doing it.' 
~ Henry Ford, American Industrialist and Business Magnate

What would happen if you had the ability to traverse your environment in a comfortable luxury vessel with speed, agility, safety, room and silence. All without fuel or a train ticket? 
Although not a shiny spherical spacecraft the Tesla Model S supplies its occupants with an out of this world experience unlike any vehicle currently available on the market today.

Tesla Motors, inspired by Dr. Nikola Tesla, has an all-electric vehicle roster that includes the successful Tesla Roadster, The Tesla Model S and soon to be released utility SUV Tesla Model X.

The Model S is my new favorite automobile. As an admitted car junkie that is saying a lot! The Model S is what an electric car should be. Actually—the Model S is what an automobile should be. Performance, luxury, technology, beauty, functionality and fun in a vehicle that only needs gas stations for…nothing really.
This car is beautiful. The exterior lines and styling will satisfy the scrutinizing eye of most luxury automobile aficionados. With many color options, the Model S exterior and interior can be easily customized to reflect you.

With key fob on your person (which is fashioned like a mini version of the car) the chrome door handles silently slide towards you, as if to say “Take my hand, I’m about to show you something you’ve never seen.”  No need to fumble to meet key with ignition. As your body meets the pilot seat sensors in the car have now recognized your presence as its owner and has turned on preliminary power sources waiting for your commands and direction. The interior is clean, sleek, roomy and comfortable. This four-door sedan has two rear facing jump seats (perfect for children) just behind the middle seats.

The instrument cluster is a very well designed digital display that is easy to read and multifunctional. With premium seats, plenty of legroom and unmatched floor space your brain is almost done deleting any prior electric car myths and insecurities. Your radio, cup holder and ash tray have been replaced with everything… almost.

A 17-inch full touch screen display is silently awaiting you to access its world.

Power Consumption. Power Regeneration, Driving History, Battery Status, Door locks, Trunk, Gas. Charging Port Door (once plugged in, a soft strobe light indicates charge in process), Panoramic Sunroof, Up to Ten Mobile devices, Heat (seats), Air (seats), High Definition Back Up Display, Internet Browser, Voice Controls, HD and Satellite Radio, Air Suspension, and much more. 

The ride is everything you want in an automobile and nothing you have ever experienced. I was cruising just under 100mph and my friend in the back seat leaned up “Is that number in the middle displaying the current speed? Wow. I thought we were doing about 45mph or so.” This car is very smooth and responsive.
With a standard 208-mile range battery and optional 265-mile battery the Model S goes the distance and charges from a standard home 110 volt outlet or a 240 volt outlet. Tesla Motors currently has 16 Supercharger Stations in the States that will give you a 50 percent charge in 20 min. and a full charge in 75min. These Supercharger stations are solar powered and free for use to all Tesla owners. 

Tesla plans to build enough stations by the winter of 2013 for coast-to-coast travel.

Our current electricity is generated from Natural Gas, Hydroelectric, Coal, Oil, Nuclear, Wind, Solar, Geothermal and Biomass. The Human body and our natural atmosphere both have an enormous amount of unharnessed electricity as well. If you have anxiety about technology and electricity especially during a survival scenario continue to study the trends of energy consumption and energy production. If gasoline is rationed and you run out of it, you are truly without that resource.

Unlike biofuel and diesel, gasoline is not easy to produce at home. Electricity, however, is literally everywhere. We just have to remove the fear and harness it.

In addition, one last but not least very important point.

On August 19 The Tesla Model S achieved the best safety rating of any car ever tested, setting a new NHTSA vehicle score record.

(Erich Muhammad has worked in the construction, building, and community development field for over two decades. He is also an actor and studies engineering. Test-driving cars is just one of his hobbies. He can be reached via Facebook.)


President Obama and the Global Anti-War Intifada by Mazin Qumsiyeh [Guest Blogger]

by Mazin Qumsiyeh

It is not difficult to understand the power-game being played in Syria and no decent human being should stand on the sideline in a conflict that will shape the future of our humanity. The global intifada (uprising) is spreading and it is rejecting war and hegemony and now even President Obama is reeling under pressure.  It is an earthquake that is shaking the very foundation of post-WWII world order (what U.S.ed to be referred to mistakenly as “the American century” when it was really the Zionist century). The British, French and American public long exposed to Zionist propaganda have joined the revolution. Politicians started to panic especially after the British parliament voted against war. This was the first major and stunning defeat to the U.S./Israel hegemony of British politics since WWII.

U.S. President Obama was stuck after the British vote and the clear solid position of Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Russia, China and even overwhelming public opposition in the U.S. despite the attempt to whip frenzy by Israel media stooges like Wolf Blitzer of CNN. 

Obama was also stunned by what his own intelligence services told him about potential repercussions of a military strike on Syria especially without UN mandate and without U.S. public support. These repercussions included presence of strong defensive and offensive capabilities in Syria. There were intelligence leaks about downed “test” incursion. But repercussions discussed include strengthening rather than weakening Iran (after all, this is what happened after Iraq!).  

President Obama spent countless hours talking with his Zionist and non-Zionist advisers and key government officials (there are no anti-Zionists in his group). Faced with no good option in trying to maintain Israel/U.S. hegemony, Obama decided not to decide and shift the debate to Congress to buy time. Now it is up to the American people who overwhelmingly reject war on Syria to stand up and pressure the Israeli-occupied U.S. congress to do what is good for U.S. citizens not what they perceive to be good for Zionism.

The Russian president spoke of a number of key points that he called “common sense” while Obama just lied.  Russia and the U.S. had agreed to the parameters of a political conference in which all sides were invited. Russia talked the Syrian government into attending this Geneva conference (even though most Syrians opposed a dialogue with Western backed thugs and Western backed mercenaries). 

Under Israeli pressure, the U.S. administration started to rethink their agreement and their stooges announced they cannot join discussion with their opponents unless their opponents are defeated and surrender!  Syrian government forces then gained momentum against the Western and Israeli backed extremist rebels and cornered them in very few pockets. Syria was opening up and international inspectors were coming.   

Putin rightly points out that under such conditions: who has the benefit of using chemical weapons: the Syrian government or the rebels trying to provide excuses for Western defeat of a government they could not defeat themselves? It is common sense. Syria, Russia and China and all humanity ask logically: if the U.S. has proof that the Syrian government used chemical weapons to attack its own people (including its own soldiers), then give U.S. the proof. They rightly ask why the mandate of UN inspectors was  limited to only find out if they were used but not to explore who might have used them. After the lies Israeli and U.S. intelligence concocted to go the war on Iraq, they now seem rather reluctant to manufacture evidence again.

Ashahed M. Muhammad pictured here with author, professor and human rights activist Mazin  Qumsiyeh at the 2008 Popular Palestinian Conference Aug. 10 2008 in Rosemont, IL. (Photo: TEI Enlightener News Service)

Obama lied about many other things and perhaps the only part of his speech that touched on reality is when he admitted that he is part of a system and that he cannot make a decision by himself.  The military-industrial complex is now too entrenched in U.S. politics for any president to challenge it.  In fact, no one would be allowed to become president if they were to have even a slight chance of potential to challenge it.  So Obama says: I am with the machine that was in place before I came to power and will always be with the machine.  By this he showed that his campaign rhetoric about “change” was just what American call “bull-sh**”.  That is why Obama is stuck.  When President Obama paid tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. just a week ago, he was being hypocritical. King had famously said that the U.S. is the greatest purveyor of violence on earth.  The U.S. public can and must push Obama and Congress to change just like they pushed previous politicians to get civil rights, women’s right to vote, ending the war on Vietnam, ending U.S. support for Apartheid South Africa and more.

The fact remains that the most destabilizing country in the Middle East is the one that receives unconditional billions of U.S. taxpayer money. It is the state that caused millions of refugees and that introduced weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weapons to the Middle East.  It is the state that used white phosphorous and depleted uranium on civilian populations.  It is the state that started five wars and that lobbied successfully to get the U.S. to go to wars in places like Iraq and Afghanistan that caused millions of lives lost and trillions of U.S. taxpayer money spent. It is the state that fits all the criteria discussed in the International convention against the crimes of apartheid and racial discrimination.

The fact is that this latest Israel-inspired conflict is not about form of government in Syria. The U.S./Israel backed dictators in a dozen Arab countries are far, far worse than Bashar Assad of Syria. The fact remains that this is a clear attempt by the U.S. through its secretary of state under influence from the Zionist lobby and with the support of puppet rulers in the Arab world to liquidate the Palestinian caU.S.e.  The parameters of this are clear: liquidating Palestinian rights like the right of refugees to return to their homes and lands, limited Palestinian autonomy that Palestinian puppets can call a state in parts of the occupied West Bank in confederation with Jordan.  

This will ensure the “Jewishness” of the apartheid state of Israel. Gaza would be relegated to Egyptian administration or continuing to manage it as one Israeli official said “by putting Gazan’s on a diet.”  To get this program through, resistance mU.S.t be made to look futile.  Israel set-up a high-level ministerial committee to fight boycotts, divestment, and sanctions.  Israel told the U.S. that the Hizballah-Syria-Iran axis must be destroyed. Potentially developing Arab countries will be broken up into sectarian and other conflicts (divide and conquer) beginning with Iraq.  They thought Syria is the next weak link that can be removed in the same way that Libya was disposed of. They underestimated the level of rejection to their demonic schemes of divide and conquer.

What happened actually is the opposite. A strengthening block evolved starting in Iran, Iraq and Palestine and spreading globally.  The counter-revolutionary efforts are failing and in some cases getting the opposite effect of unifying and strengthening resistance.  The attempts by some to ignite sectarian strife in Lebanon failed miserably.  The positions of China, Russia, Venezuela and other governments came to reflect the international consensus of resisting U.S./Israeli hegemony.  No human being and no government can claim neutrality.  Neutrality is rather meaningless when there is such an evil attempt to dominate the world for the benefit of just a few people at the expense of millions. The vast majority of people in all countries (Palestine, U.S.A, Britain, France, Russia, China etc.) stand on one side of this against the Zionist attempts to drag the world into yet one more destructive conflict.  Clearly a win here is a win for Palestine and a win for all people of the world.

Before we talk about democracy in Syria, we must respect the fact that the vast majority of people on earth insist that Western governments respect their own citizens’ will instead of trying to smother them or shape them with propaganda or bypass them to serve the Israel lobby.  Before we talk about democracy in Syria, we must end apartheid in Israel, and end the repressive regimes supported by the U.S. especially those in the oil producing Arab countries.  Perhaps this is the reason Gulf States are pouring billions to fund murderers in the so-called “Syrian rebels” (most of them turn out to be mercenaries).  

It is the same reason that Netanyahu and Obama are both very nervous.  When the U.S./Israel program of liquidating the Palestinian cause and destroying Syria fails (and it will), all bets are off.  People stand up to tyranny and stand up for human rights and that is why governments (U.S., Israeli, Saudi Arabia, Turkey etc.) are starting to panic.  They do have good reason to worry because people power is coming and each of U.S. must be part of it.  We ask you to join the global intifada which will liberate oppressors and oppressed alike and create a better world for all.


(Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh teaches and does research at Bethlehem and Birzeit Universities in occupied Palestine. He serves as chairman of the board of the Palestinian Center for Rapprochement Between People and coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements in Beit Sahour He is author of "Sharing the Land of Canaan: Human rights and the Israeli/Palestinian Struggle" and “Popular Resistance in Palestine: A history of Hope and Empowerment.”)


Farrakhan Warns Obama, the Muslim World & Israel on #Syria

Farrakhan Delivers Stern Warnings to Obama, the Muslim World and Israel on Syria 

CHICAGO (FinalCall.com) - With the American government on the brink of inserting themselves into the affairs of yet another Muslim country, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a stern warning to the global warmongers and blood-shedders providing much needed clarity regarding the worldwide geopolitical landscape.

“The government of America and its leadership is taking America and the world on a very dangerous course, and I would not be a good student of my teacher the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as a Warner from Allah, and not raise my voice in harmony with his, to warn President Obama and this administration as well as the Congress of the United States, of the danger of the course that America is embarking on,” said Minister Farrakhan.

Protests took place in the United States and abroad August 31, the same day Minister Farrakhan’s words were broadcast. It seems America has such an extensive history of deceptive practices and false flag operations that considerable doubt exists in the minds of the American people as to whether the Syrian government used chemical weapons, and whether the American military should intervene, said the Minister. The people have also grown tired of decades of seemingly endless wars abroad while budgetary shortfalls continue in this country.

According to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, only 20 percent of the American people believe America should take military action. While the U.S. paints itself as global peacemaker, her history reveals something altogether different.

It was promised that peace and democracy would be delivered in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. All three of those countries are now experiencing bloodshed and turmoil. In Egypt, despite a democratic election won by the Mohamed Morsi, the candidate from the Freedom and Justice party of the Muslim Brotherhood, the country now faces governmental upheaval.

Minister Farrakhan has consistently uncovered the hidden schemes of the deceiving blood-shedders revealing the global hegemonic ambitions of the Neoconservatives.

The United Nations Charter militating against the use of force or intervention in the sovereignty of other nations as well as the United States Constitution is “gradually being ripped to shreds,” said the Minister.

“There is no more international law and order, just the law and order of the powerful against the weak, both, in the world and now in the United States of America,” he added.

Another point of contention is the hypocrisy being shown by America claiming to be outraged that chemical weapons were used, when in fact, America employed the use of chemical weapons that killed and maimed civilians during the Vietnam war, as well as the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Decades later, America’s own patriotic soldiers are suffering medical complications as a result of being exposed to use of those chemical weapons. 

According to reports, between 1962-1971, America used millions of gallons of defoliants and herbicides such as Agent Orange in Vietnam causing hundreds of thousands of deaths, as well as generations born with and birth defects. Napalm was used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as Vietnam, and in Iraq, the Minister noted the use of bombs containing Depleted Uranium and White Phosphorous. The same types of bombs have been used by Israel—the nation whom the Minister referred to as America’s “companion in wickedness”—during its 2009 attack on Gaza in which dozens of civilians were killed.

Minister Farrakhan said the narrative being offered by the Zionist controlled media is far from the truth. Though they have continued to be the main distributors of “evidence” implicating the Syrian government in wrongdoing, Israel is not a dispassionate observer in the Syrian conflict, he said.

“These lies and half-truths spread by the Zionist controlled media are purposely spread to infect the minds of the people and the peoples of the world, that we should think along the lines of the mischief makers and the blood-shedders in furtherance of their wicked objectives,” said the Minister. “Israel is (America’s) companion in wickedness, so you both are headed down into the bottomless pit of hell,” he added.


The United States sends its military anywhere there are resources they desire, the Minister said. Syria has at least 2 and a half billion barrels of oil in its fields making it the next largest Middle Eastern oil producer after Iraq and new gas fields have recently been identified, making Syria a tantalizing target for the Western powers.

The Minister again noted the plans of Neoconservatives—inside and outside of government—to foster regime change in seven countries, starting with Iraq and to include Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran. Many of these advisers have led Mr. Obama in ways that have eroded his credibility in the country, and with the nations of the Earth.

“May I respectfully say Mr. President, your advisers don’t seem to be your friends,” said Min. Farrakhan. “Mr. President, they’re destroying you little by little so that you’ll become involved in the spider web of their lies and treachery,” said the Minister.


From the Nile River in Egypt to the Euphrates River in today’s Iraq, and major parts of today’s Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon in the future these countries will be inhabited by the true Children of Israel. The true Promised Land for the true People of God’s choice.

“The parts that the Jewish people call Greater Israel or Eretz Israel; that (land) does not belong to you,” the Minister said. “Unfortunately, you will die there, but your blood and the Palestinian blood and Arab blood and the blood of others will purify that area for the real owners of the Kingdom of God,” he added.

“Allah is going to use your blood to purify that area of the world for the Messiah to come back and bring back with him the people of God’s choice, for the Holy Land—Mecca in particular—will be the headquarters of the Mahdi and the Messiah,” he said.


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Hip Hop Turns 40 & Bikers, Low-Riders & Clergy United for Peace on West Coast

Thank you for all of your feedback regarding my most recent piece dealing w/ Hip-Hop celebrating its 40th year. Concerts and tributes were held nationwide this weekend where enthusiastic crowds embraced the best of what Hip-Hop has to offer. Lively discussions are taking place, thought-provoking questions are being asked, and some interesting solutions are being offered dealing with this very important topic. Again, thank you, and as a bonus, here's a little preview of what you might expect from me in the next edition of The Final Call.

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter/Instagram @AshahedM or Facebook.


Obama speaks out on Trayvon Martin, Stop and Frisk and Racial Profiling

I'll be the first to say that I've been very critical of President Barack Obama, especially as it relates to issues of race. However, today's presser held at the White House was important to me for a number of reasons, and in this situation, he did what was required and yes, more is still needed.

No matter what you think POTUS has or has not said or done during his time in the nations top spot, him stating publicly: "Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago" is a moment that will forever be etched in this nation's history.

President Obama stood before the world and actually addressed issues related to race! He discused the sophistication of views within the Black community, and to me, raised a key point. POTUS actually raised the question if ‪young Trayvon Martin‬ had been armed, could he have 'stood his ground' to protect himself? While admitting if the races and circumstances were reversed, he believes there likely would have been a different outcome.

POTUS also said he and his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama  talk often about how to reach out to African-American males. Says he has 'convening power' to deal w/ issues like this and will in the near future, but beyond a simple politicized "conversation on race." Well, we'll see.

I wonder what Fox News is talking about right now? They're probably going to change the words of POTUS into a call for a race war.

Al Sharpton on Obama's race comments and #Trayvon marches in 100 cities 7/20


July 19, 2013
NEW YORK--“I think the President’s remarks were significant and much needed, and as we prepare to coordinate vigils in one hundred cities tomorrow with the parents of Trayvon Martin, I think he has set a tone for both direct action and needed dialogue. We intend to raise the issue of the Stand Your Ground laws that he discussed today that must be revoked in Florida and across the country and we will have a three day conference in Miami starting Tuesday. We welcome the Department of Justice having a serious investigation into what happened in Sanford, Florida, on February 26, 2012. Tomorrow in an unprecedented one-hundred city movement that we organized in less than six days shows the outrage of our community. The mother of Trayvon Martin will join me in New York and the father will be in Florida.”

-- Rev. Al Sharpton, President of National Action Network


Chaos and Confusion in #Egypt [FinalCall.com]

I hope you will find time to read the news analysis piece I wrote on the volatile situation in #Egypt which appears to be intensifying. I've received many questions about it via email, FB, text messages, etc. True, there's a lot of information flying around, but I worked to cut through the clutter by delivering details related to the salient points while reducing the background noise which is the controlled media. 

If you are relying solely on CNN, MSNBC, FOX or the big three networks to get your news, you are missing a lot. If you believe what happens in Egypt has nothing to do with you because it is not happening where you live, I hope to broaden your perspective.


Hurt2Healing Magazine Unveils New Logo & Website



Media Contact:
Ebony S. Muhammad


HOUSTON, TX – Hurt2Healing magazine (www.hurt2healingmag.com), the premier digital publication and guide to navigating through everyday struggles, has unveiled a new logo and website. With just four years under its belt, H2H has made “evolution” as well as “resolution” an intricate part of its DNA (Digital Network Agency) that anyone can have access to for unlimited streams of personal testimonies and advice to improve the condition of life. 

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Featuring finishes reflect a sleek and modern layout, an easy to navigate menu, the latest technology for mobile-friendly devices, infinite scrolling, social media sharing, videos, and much more! One of the key features that is unique unto itself is the “All Access Pass” for subscribes to view exclusive interviews, both written as well as the original audio file. Here the readers will be able to not only read the latest feature stories, but they will also have a front row seat in listening to the interview (uncut) as if they were conducting it themselves.  Hurt2HealingMag.com also features recipes to delicious and healthy desserts, massage and spa publications, natural healing remedies for common ailments and articles on spirituality, relationships, self-help, as well as social/economical issues that communities face today.

In addition to the new website, H2H unveils its new logo that carries a unique, futuristic design that reflects elements of the original logo. “It’s creative, intriguing and unlike anything I’ve seen,” said Ms. Muhammad. “Our desire is to spice up the digital world, and this new logo is just the ingredient to do so.” H2H looks forward to announcing a number of additional features such as the mobile application for Android and iPhone as well as an official online store with H2H apparel.

About Hurt2Healing:

H2H originated from the Hurt to Healing march/rally against domestic violence and sexual assault during the Essence Festival in Houston, Texas (Hurt2Healing March 2006).

We are a liberating tool, which both our readers and writers describe as personally therapeutic and a method to motivate millions.

H2H Magazine features writers from Uganda, London and the United States. We would like to invite you to be a part of this world wide movement that relieves feelings of hopelessness to inspire life in the lives of many; as a supporter, subscriber, and/or contributing writer.


Scholarship | Research | History | Truth | No place for Hate and Vitriol

In a beautiful way, by focusing on the importance of scholarship, research and history, Minister Louis Farrakhan has shown the world (especially over the last 3 years) how to deal effectively with those who have masqueraded as the Children of Israel.

It is important that conversations (in person, online via FaceBook, Twitter or otherwise) related to the topic of the identity of the true Children of Israel not be allowed to devolve into slurs, insults and name calling by those whose zeal and enthusiasm is at times greater than their knowledge. There is no need for such behavior when you are in command of the facts. 

As Minister Louis Farrakhan stated, this is a public challenge, which means all should strive to represent the ideal, since your minds will be on display.

Over the next few days, I will post information regarding several books I'd highly recommend for those in whom there is a desire to obtain an overarching yet intricate knowledge of Zionist Power which is manifested demonstrably through Organized Jewry in America. 

Since we're all students, we should all share information with each other right?