Neo-Cointelpro: An Assault on Black Leadership (FinalCall.com)

You've heard all of the disinformation, misinformation and surface coverage regarding the recently disclosed improperly gathered intel and subsequently disseminated information focused on the Nation of Islam. Now, get deep into it.

- "Nation of Islam Targeted by Neo-Cointelpro Operation"
An in depth cover story by the FCN Editor-in-Chief, Richard B. Muhammad, Senior Correspondent Askia Muhammad and Assistant Editor Ashahed M. Muhammad

- "Pressure on Guinea Coup Leaders Increases"
An international affairs analysis by Brian E. Muhammad

- Islamic Leader from Libya visits Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.
Coverage of the visit by Dr. Ibrahim Rabu of the World Islamic Call Society of Libya, as well as a One-on-One interview

- "The Story of Mary, Joseph and Jesus" by The Hon. Elijah Muhammad

- "Mentoring: From a Tree in an African Village, to a Street Corner in the 'hoods of America" by A. Akbar Muhammad

.....and much much more!


U.S. DHS & "improper" intel gathering on the Nation of Islam

By now, you have all heard about the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's "improper" intel gathering and dissemination on the Nation of Islam led by the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan. The "mainstream" media's reporting got part of the story right, but they are missing major components that most individuals viewing the news will probably miss. I will deal with those in future writings currently being worked on to appear at a later date.



Especially pay attention to the first two FBI files, because though written in the late 60s, the reports use the same language that we read in the documents released by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. This is very important. 40 years later, same playbook Then, the other National Security Council Memorandum that deals with preventing a linkage of Blacks in the U.S. with the struggle of oppressed people worldwide, including Africa and the Middle East.

Information and its proper use is power.


The Nation of Islam & U.S. Government Counterintelligence Program (FBI File Date: 08-25-1967) The purpose of this new counterintelligence endeavor is to expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize the activities of black nationalist, hate-type organizations and groupings, their leadership, spokesmen, membership, and supporters. http://www.noi.org/cointelpro/fbi1.html

The Nation of Islam & U.S. Government Counterintelligence Program (FBI File Date: 01-07-1969) The NOI appears to be the personal fiefdom of Elijah Muhammad. When he dies a power struggle can be expected and the NOI could change direction. We should be prepared for this eventuality. We should plan how to change the philosophy of the NOI. http://www.noi.org/cointelpro/fbi2.html

The Untold Story of COINTELPRO -Past and Present One of the foremost websites that documents the FBI's Counter Intelligence Program in America. http://www.cointel.org/ National Security Council Memorandum-46 Black Africa and the U.S. Black Movement March 17, 1978
Internal NSA Memo (Pres. Carter Administration) on preventing the organizing and coordinated unity between Black America and Black Africa. http://www.noi.org/cointelpro/Memorandum46_1978.htm



Anti terror laws produce new crisis for Black leadership http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/National_News_2/article_6657.shtml



Former FBI agent becomes vocal critic of bureau's lack of accountability http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/National_News_2/article_6631.shtml


Analysis Of The Provisions Of The USA PATRIOT Act (Electronic Frontier Foundation) http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/National_News_2/article_6631.shtml

Nation of Islam Responds to the attack on America Mosque Maryam Chicago, IL. Sunday, September 16, 2001 Press Conference: The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan http://www.noi.org/statements/transcript_010916.htm


U.S. Federal Government sets up daughter of Malcolm X in Farrakhan Assassination Plot http://mediafilter.org/MFF/S35.Shabazz.html

And for those who want to get all the information, on the level of like a professor, go here and read these files as fast as you can before they are taken down.


The Final Call UK/International Edition Vol. 29-10 (FinalCall.com)

The Cover of The Final Call UK/International Edition Volume 29-10

Here are some brief UK/International news items of relevance.

Anti-Muslim graffiti found on French mosque

CASTRES, France—Police say assailants have scrawled a Nazi slogan and hung pig feet on a mosque in southern France.

Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux has denounced the “vile and racist desecration” of the mosque in the town of Castres. Police say the swastika in black paint and slogans including Hitler salute “Sieg Heil” in German, “France to the French” in French, and “White Power” in English were scrawled on the mosque.

Hortefeux said any person found responsible for the overnight desecration should be “severely punished.”
Assailants sporadically scrawl anti-Muslim or anti-Semitic graffiti on religious sites, cultural centers and cemeteries in France—home to western Europe’s largest populations of both Muslims and Jews.


UK’s Ministry of Defense plans helicopter purchase

LONDONBritain will buy 22 new Chinook helicopters from Boeing Co. to help troops in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defense said Dec. 15.

The announcement comes before Defense Secretary Bob Ainsworth is set to outline cuts in other parts of the military’s budget to make concessions for Afghan operations.

“Our forces on the frontline in Afghanistan repeatedly tell me that Chinook are indispensable on operations,” Ainsworth said. “I am therefore delighted to announce plans to deliver more of these robust, effective and proven battle-winning helicopters.”

Britain’s military has been dogged by critics complaining that the nation’s troops have been deployed without adequate equipment. That criticism has been particularly sharp over helicopters, which give troops mobility and allow them to avoid the risk of roadside bombs.

The purchase will increase the size of Britain’s fleet of the heavy-lift helicopters from 48 to 70.

The Chinook purchase was announced just ahead of a sweeping series of cutbacks aimed at shifting resources to Afghanistan. At least one Royal Air Force base is reportedly set for closure, among administrative and military police cutbacks.


Swiss deny entry to controversial Muslim preacher

BASEL, SwitzerlandSwiss border control say they have refused entry to a controversial Muslim preacher because he poses a public security risk.

Pierre Vogel intended to speak at a demonstration in the Swiss capital Bern that organizers say is in response to a “hate campaign” against Muslims in Switzerland.

The German former professional boxer who converted to Islam is known for his conservative positions.

Frontier corps spokesman Markus Zumbach says Vogel was turned back as he tried to cross into Switzerland by car from Germany last week.


Poll: UK Labour party narrowing oppositions lead

LONDONAn opinion poll indicates that Britain’s ruling Labour party is gaining ground on the main opposition Conservatives.

An ICM poll for the Guardian newspaper published Dec. 15 puts Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Labour party at 31 percent, nine points behind the Conservative party.

A poll released last month by another firm, Ipsos Mori, put Labour just six points behind the Conservatives—though most other recent polls have shown a Conservative lead with about 14 points.

Britain must hold a national election by June. British newspapers speculate Brown will call an election in March to take advantage of his increasing popularity.

(Compiled from Associated Press reports.)

Obama: The Imperialist's President By William Reed (Guest Blogger)

By William Reed

The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. – Palms 22:7

In a defining decision, Barack Obama has accepted responsibility for the War in Afghanistan, announcing deployment of 30,000 additional troops in the hopes of bringing the deteriorating war, in its ninth year there, to an acceptable conclusion.

Snookered by establishment powers, President Obama ignores the truth and has embarked on a fool’s errand. The U.S. cannot “win” in Afghanistan. It has a history of being “graveyard of empires.” America was already losing when Obama took office. President Obama backed into the realm of empire in March 2009 and ordered 30,000 troops there. But, rather than reverse outcomes, U.S. and NATO forces lost even more ground. The entrenched military/industrial complex is all around Obama and behind the beguiling that got him to order troop levels in Afghanistan to an all-time high. Obama’s obedience to policies extending American authority and economic and political hegemony follows a pattern of American Presidents’ acquiescence to a ruling class agenda for endless war and ongoing repression. No matter who, every President of the United States is committed to open-ended deployment in Afghanistan and unbending alliance with Israel.”

Obedient to established structures, Obama is in league with policies to allow America to carry out capitalist globalization at gunpoint. The imperial powers’ mindset Barack has bought into allows for policing to the ends of the earth. For the multi-trillion dollar American military/industrial/complex there is always another enemy, and threat. Obama’s agenda seems eerily similar to core elements of a doctrine articulated in the Bush National Security Strategy (2002) which declared American-defined “values of freedom are right and true for every person, in every society” … and that an overarching goal of U.S. policy is creating “a balance of power that favors freedom,” and the spread of “free markets, and free trade to every corner of the world.”

Obama is now on-board to make cases for America’s military superiority and right to wage preemptive war. Fifty-percent of Americans oppose escalating war in Afghanistan. But, the Generals, Admirals, armaments executives, and now the White House, are unwilling to accept responsibility for a military setback. Bush and Cheney ordered the invasion thinking it would be easy going. They were going to wipe out the governments in Iran, Syria and North Korea. Bush and Cheney’s colonial-like fantasy, now held by Obama, is nourished by “great nation” arrogance and a caste of corrupt politicians in Congress. Afghans perceive the occupation as a colonial-takeover of their country. After eight years of war, more Afghan armed insurgent groups now exist in response to America’s invasion and they control large parts of the country.

Under Obama, the institutions of militarism, war and empire remain intact. His new plan for empire calls for more bombing and drone attacks, and “Afghanization” – the building up of a puppet Afghan army trained and led by U.S. commanders. This follows his escalation of illegal bombings in Pakistan. This war has gone very badly. How many more will have to die for the U.S. to avoid the appearance of defeat? The American Empire is deep in a domestic economic crisis. As Americans suffer from unemployment, foreclosures and evictions; the current cost of the wars and occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq is running at over $225 billion per year or $1.2 billion every two days. The powerful chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, David Obey says sending more troops would be a mistake that could "wipe out every initiative we have to rebuild our own economy…There ain't going to be no money for nothing if we pour it all into Afghanistan."

The “Empire” continues, prolonging the plight of the African American population. At this stage, Blacks are no better off than they were under Bush. Blacks got nothing from “Stimulus” programs. The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is right in criticizing Obama for not doing enough to help African-Americans in the economy. Speaking for the CBC, Maxine Waters said “We can no longer afford for our public policy to be defined by the worldview of Wall Street.”

(More of William Reed's writings can be found at www.BlackPressInternational.com)


Intense Scrutiny, Little Sympathy for Black Athletes in the Spotlight (FinalCall.com)


In this issue of The Final Call you will find the following:

- Moving Targets: Stereotypes, the media and Black athletes who get in trouble
Tiger Woods, Michael Vick, Serena Williams. Is there a double standard when it comes to Black athletes and their treatment by the media and society when they are found guilty of "transgressions" or unsportsmanlike conduct?

- Coverage of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's visit to Libya where he addressed the 5th Session of the World Islamic People's Leadership Conference in Libya Nov. 5-8.

- An analysis by FCN Contributing Writer Brian Muhammad of Pres. Barack H. Obama's Acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize and the contradictions and controversy surrounding the decision.

- Harnessing Black Buying Power
John and Maggie Anderson are nearing the completion of a one-year campaign to purchase items from only Black businesses. Their efforts were met with praise and criticism. Learn more about their campaign and what you can do to help.

- Salim Muhammad: Remembering a servant and a soldier
Coverage of the recent passing of Captain Salim Muhammad. Minister Farrakhan conducted the Janazah prayer service which drew Muslims from all over the Nation. He will be missed.

And much much more!


Sins of the Fathers: Catholic Church Accused of Denying Justice to Black Victims of Sexual Abuse by Priests (FinalCall.com)


In this issue of The Final Call, you will find the following:

"Sins of The Fathers" Part 1
The Catholic Church has been accused of denial of justice in covering up cases of Black victims of sexual abuse by priests.

"From Peacemaker to War President"
Analysts see problems with President Obama's recently announced plan for Afghanistan.

"Activists Accuse Israel of Racial Profiling"
The case of Dhoruba Bin Wahad and Naji Mujahid who were recently detained by Israeli soldiers.

....and much more!