Hurt2Healing Magazine Unveils New Logo & Website



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Ebony S. Muhammad


HOUSTON, TX – Hurt2Healing magazine (www.hurt2healingmag.com), the premier digital publication and guide to navigating through everyday struggles, has unveiled a new logo and website. With just four years under its belt, H2H has made “evolution” as well as “resolution” an intricate part of its DNA (Digital Network Agency) that anyone can have access to for unlimited streams of personal testimonies and advice to improve the condition of life. 

"As the ultimate resource for mental, spiritual and physical well being, we're excited for the Hurt2Healing brand to welcome readers to this dynamic Digital Network Agency ― the only one of its kind," said Ebony S. Muhammad, Hurt2Healing publisher and editor in chief. "Partnering with various writers, social media experts and wellness groups affords us a great opportunity to potentially reach millions more. We look forward to re-introducing the world to the H2H brand."

Featuring finishes reflect a sleek and modern layout, an easy to navigate menu, the latest technology for mobile-friendly devices, infinite scrolling, social media sharing, videos, and much more! One of the key features that is unique unto itself is the “All Access Pass” for subscribes to view exclusive interviews, both written as well as the original audio file. Here the readers will be able to not only read the latest feature stories, but they will also have a front row seat in listening to the interview (uncut) as if they were conducting it themselves.  Hurt2HealingMag.com also features recipes to delicious and healthy desserts, massage and spa publications, natural healing remedies for common ailments and articles on spirituality, relationships, self-help, as well as social/economical issues that communities face today.

In addition to the new website, H2H unveils its new logo that carries a unique, futuristic design that reflects elements of the original logo. “It’s creative, intriguing and unlike anything I’ve seen,” said Ms. Muhammad. “Our desire is to spice up the digital world, and this new logo is just the ingredient to do so.” H2H looks forward to announcing a number of additional features such as the mobile application for Android and iPhone as well as an official online store with H2H apparel.

About Hurt2Healing:

H2H originated from the Hurt to Healing march/rally against domestic violence and sexual assault during the Essence Festival in Houston, Texas (Hurt2Healing March 2006).

We are a liberating tool, which both our readers and writers describe as personally therapeutic and a method to motivate millions.

H2H Magazine features writers from Uganda, London and the United States. We would like to invite you to be a part of this world wide movement that relieves feelings of hopelessness to inspire life in the lives of many; as a supporter, subscriber, and/or contributing writer.


Scholarship | Research | History | Truth | No place for Hate and Vitriol

In a beautiful way, by focusing on the importance of scholarship, research and history, Minister Louis Farrakhan has shown the world (especially over the last 3 years) how to deal effectively with those who have masqueraded as the Children of Israel.

It is important that conversations (in person, online via FaceBook, Twitter or otherwise) related to the topic of the identity of the true Children of Israel not be allowed to devolve into slurs, insults and name calling by those whose zeal and enthusiasm is at times greater than their knowledge. There is no need for such behavior when you are in command of the facts. 

As Minister Louis Farrakhan stated, this is a public challenge, which means all should strive to represent the ideal, since your minds will be on display.

Over the next few days, I will post information regarding several books I'd highly recommend for those in whom there is a desire to obtain an overarching yet intricate knowledge of Zionist Power which is manifested demonstrably through Organized Jewry in America. 

Since we're all students, we should all share information with each other right?


#Farrakhan tells #ADL #SPLC to prove their lies! (FinalCall.com)

Cover of the current Edition of The Final Call 

For nearly three hate-filled decades, Jewish organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, the American Jewish Committee, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center have written and spoken ill of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, seeking to tarnish his good name and works.

Many admirers and supporters of the work of Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam have been angered by the arrogant and paternalistic attitude of the aforementioned organizations, as well as their constant attempts to hinder Black unity and progress.

Minister Farrakhan is far different from the mean-spirited, vituperative anti-Semitic specter created in the controlled media.

Go to www.FinalCall.com to read the latest developments regarding Minster Farrakhan's call for a public showdown!