The Game is 'ready to ride' w/ Farrakhan for 10.10.15 | #JusticeOrElse

The Game and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan share a moment recently in Los Angeles.
Photo: Joel Marasigan/FlashpointGrafix

"I watched him on The Breakfast Club—the whole interview—and the way that he speaks and empowers our youth,  I think that commands attention.  It really got mine. I loved the approach that he took talking about this newer generation. With media and the government, what they’re doing is labeling our youth as this and that, but they have us in these situations where we can’t better ourselves, so we’re forced to deal with what it is they’re throwing at us.  But the way that the Minister is approaching it is a solid way.  It is opening a lot of doors. The way that he’s attacking it—we’re going to see in the next coming months. People are just gaining awareness and a lot of doors are going to open. A lot of people are going to be ready to ride."

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Dr. Melina Abdullah of #BlackLivesMatter-LA Chapter supports #JusticeOrElse saying: 'There's nothing to lose but our chains'

Dr. Melina Abdullah is Professor and Chair of Pan-African Studies at California State University, Los Angeles.

"I think #BlackLivesMatter has demonstrated over the last two years of our existence that we're not afraid of the 'or else' part. That we've had enough of this systemic oppression. He's absolutely right! We don't have anything to lose. This system is not for us. Some will say it has abandoned us. It was never built for us from the beginning. So I think we're beginning to recognize that. We don't have jobs, they're taking our wealth. They're even now I'm hearing they're trying to immunize our babies against our will. They're killing our children. There's nothing to lose but our chains! We're not afraid. I'm not afraid. I am only afraid of what might happen if we don't stand up."