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Day Three: The 23rd Annual UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival #IUFOC

Open Minds Magazine is an excellent publication with interesting articles and high level sourcing. They are the “industry leaders” so to speak. They’ve taken a topic that has been marginalized and created a professional and informative conference for enthusiasts, researchers, and experiencers worldwide. I’m here in Fountain Hills, Arizona nestled beneath the beautiful mountains that surround the Fort McDowell Indian Reservation.

My day three update may appear to be unrelated to the subject of UFOs but once you finish reading it, you will realize that it is right on time.

Ben Hansen from the SyFy channel’s “Fact or Faked” is working with Bushnell delivering demos of their latest in thermal imaging & night vision technology. This equipment is invaluable for stargazers, sky watchers, hunters, and survivalists. The company is Night Vision Optics.

On the evening of February 14th, I joined others near the pool area at the Fort McDowell Resort. It was about 50 degrees, and with it being a Full Moon, the conditions were great. Out in the desert, even with the naked eye, the sky view is marvelous, but nothing could prepare me for what I experienced when I peeped through the eyeholes of the Night Vision equipment. 

Now, there are levels of this technology. This is military-grade technology.

An assortment of monoculars, binoculars and goggles were available for participants to try. There were also full-spectrum infrared, ultraviolet, and thermal imaging displays along with high-powered scopes connected to separate monitors for viewing.

You may have a high-powered telescope at home, or maybe even looked through something powerful at the office, but with the night vision tech, you really had the feeling that you could see into the heavens.

Upon questioning the staff, I was told much of this equipment is currently being used law enforcement agencies across the country, especially those who have problems with what they consider “illegal border crossings.”

The equipment is not cheap. I wanted to look through the most expensive one, and I was shown an awe-inspiring piece of equipment designed specifically for the Israeli military. (Yes. Exactly.) Pointed in the direction of a mountain in the dead of night, if there were people standing on the mountain, you could see their hand signals and almost an outline of their faces almost as if it was during the daylight hours. The price of the equipment? $40,000.

It made me think about what Minister Louis Farrakhan has said in the past regarding those out on the streets that have no idea what kind of weaponry and equipment is available to take you out. Our young brothers think they are sneaking around in the streets, unseen because it is nighttime and somewhat dark, when there is equipment that allows law enforcement, or anyone else to see them simply using their body heat from over four miles away.

Infrared light cannot be seen with the human eye, so you are missing a lot if you are sky watching with regular binoculars or even a telescope. Of course, now that this equipment is being made available for civilian use, you know that more powerful and sophisticated equipment exists, however, this equipment  will open up an entirely new world of vision to you. If you are a sky watcher, looking for aerial phenomena, your abilities will be greatly enhanced with equipment like this.

If you’d like to look at some of what I was shown, go to http://www.nightvisionops.com.

If you have any questions you want me to answer, or to present to the speakers or panelists, leave your questions or comments below.


Day Two: The 23rd Annual UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival #IUFOC

Open Minds Magazine is an excellent publication with interesting articles and high level sourcing. They are the “industry leaders” so to speak. They’ve taken a topic that has been marginalized and created a professional and informative conference for enthusiasts, researchers, and experiencers worldwide. I’m here in Fountain Hills, Arizona nestled beneath the beautiful mountains that surround the Fort McDowell Indian Reservation. The second day of this conference made for lively discussion. 

Today I connected with many who were present for the Saviours’ Day 2011 plenary session. You may not realize that it was the largest gathering to deal with the UFO phenomenon ever in the U.S. (An interesting anecdote on that later.)

You may remember Don Schmitt as one of the presenters at that 2011 gathering. He was one of the experts who met with Minister Louis Farrakhan. He is one of the foremost researchers on the suspicious circumstances surrounding the area known as Area 51 in Roswell, New Mexico.
As an investigative journalist and five-time best-selling author, you’d be hard pressed to find someone with more information regarding that situation than Mr. Schmitt. He discussed cryogenically preserved remains, the testimonies of those who claimed to have seen “child-size beings” and how certain areas of military bases have been classified as “off limits”—even to the actual base commanders! The crowd listened to details of what he described as “self-healing metal” which returns to its original shape even after being altered or involved in a crash.

I then listened to Yvonne Smith, an internationally known certified hypnotherapist, who for decades has interacted with those who say they have experienced abduction and other close encounters with extraterrestrials. Each morning, during the IUFOC, there are “Experiencer Session” discussion groups where people can share their encounters without being mocked or ridiculed.

Yvonne Smith, Certified Hypnotherapist
I found most noteworthy her statement that many abductees describe being “downloaded with information.” This is important. She also advised those in attendance to keep a journal of their dreams, as well as to make sketches of whatever is seen or experienced in their “dream state.”

When asked about the implants often described by those recounting their abductee experiences, Ms. Smith said there still is no consensus as to what they are and their purpose. She seemed to indicate to me that they are tracking devices, similar to how scientists tag animals to monitor their movement. They emit radio waves, and are highly magnetic, she said.

Later, a woman got my attention in the vending area who was a part of the Urantia spiritual movement. I had heard of it, but had no real familiarity with their beliefs or concepts. In our brief conversation, she gave me an overview of their concept of God, the Universe, and individual spirituality. She used the term “celestial benefactors” to describe those who delivered spiritual truths to people in the earthly realm. Those words stood out to me. Her language and that term is a part of her belief system, but the presence of higher-level beings that bring truth to others is already a part of my belief system. The presence of Gods. The presence of Angels. The presence of Scientists. There are higher states of existence.

I don't believe in mocking religions, the belief systems of others, or their spiritual experiences. I especially like when belief systems come into alignment for cooperation, and to establish a new and better world. She spoke and I carefully listened. Then, she offered me a copy of the thick Urantia book containing their doctrinal truths.

The exchange made me thankful for Min. Farrakhan’s way of showing how unity can be established on the basis of shared basic principles. Much information here at the IUFOC verifies what members of the Nation of Islam have already been given decades prior, by Master Fard Muhammad, through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and now continually revealed through Min. Farrakhan.
Yesterday, I wrote about how I was looking forward to the panel featuring Stephen Bassett, Robert Powell, Col. John Alexander and Timothy Good.

Prior to the panel, I spoke with Col. Alexander who said the following directly to me : “I know they say this is the largest UFO Conference in the U.S., but Farrakhan had one with 17,000 present in 2011, the interest is there!”

To give you some perspective on my view of the importance of Col. Alexander's statement, consider this: The largest crowd during any session at this year’s IUFOC may reach 2,000. In the 2011 plenary session at Saviours’ Day, there were over 5,000 present. It was also shown live via webcast across the globe.

Min. Farrakhan is a leader who is guided in ways many are unaware of. His actions are misunderstood  by many, but even they will benefit greatly. He is honored and considered important by a great number of people who listen to his words and act upon what he says. Don’t take him or his presence among us for granted.

The panel lived up to my expectations. I will not go into it in this brief summary because what was discussed requires its own treatment. 

I will say this, Stephen Bassett, who leads the Paradigm Research Group and spearheaded the 2013 Citizen Hearing on Disclosure is one to watch and listen to. I have published some of his writings on my blog. I agree with his explanation as to why there has been a UFO cover-up for decades.  “It is the skill of disinformation that the U.S. government has perfected,” said Mr. Bassett. 

In a brief conversation following the panel, he asked me to thank Min. Farrakhan and said he would keep me and us up to date with the latest activism aimed at forcing government disclosure.

(L-R) Panelists Stephen Bassett, author Timothy Good, MUFON's Robert Powell Col. John Alexander
Earth: An Alien Enterprise
MUFON’s Robert Powell said the discussion as to whether those who guide and fly the UFOs are friends or foes is really not important, because with the technology that is displayed by these aerial craft, “If they are not peaceful, we can forget it.” In other words, their technology would be so far advanced, it would be like using laser guided missiles to fight people riding horses. The more advanced force will easily obliterate the “primitive” civilization.

Oh, and by the way, I did interview Timothy Good, the author of “Above Top Secret” and over a dozen books on the UFO phenomenon and extraterrestrial encounters. We also discussed his new book titled "Earth: An Alien Enterprise."

I think the highlight tomorrow might be Ben Hansen's demos of Bushnell's latest in thermal imaging & night vision tech available for the civilian population.

If you have any questions you want me to answer, or to present to the speakers or panelists, leave your questions or comments below.


Day One: The 23rd Annual UFO Congress Convention and Film Fest #IUFOC

UFOs: Separating Fact from Fiction

Open Minds Magazine is an excellent publication with interesting articles and high level sourcing. They are the “industry leaders” so to speak. They’ve taken a topic that has been marginalized and created a professional and informative conference for enthusiasts, researchers, and "experiencers" worldwide. 

I’m here in Fountain Hills, Arizona nestled beneath the beautiful mountains that surround the Fort McDowell Indian Resort and Reservation. The first day of this conference was information packed.
Ted Peters, author of the book “UFOs—God’s Chariots” spoke on the subject: “UFO Abductions: Are they spiritual?” I found it quite interesting that most of those who have what are called “abduction experiences” say what happened to them elevated them to a higher level of existence, or sense of self.

What has fascinated me the most is the theory that in most interaction with ‘UFOs’ it points to the existence of an exchange of psychic energy. Meaning, those who have seen ‘The Wheel’ or the smaller wheels have experienced a communication between them described as telepathic.

They often speak of entering into other dimensions, as well as an increased connection or unity with nature and the things around them.

Stephen Bassett director of the Paradigm Research Group, was responsible for the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, which took place in 2013. He is also the co-producer of the documentary “Truth Embargo.” Mr. Bassett is a considered a political activist, and is on point as it relates to pressuring the U.S. government to share all that they know. I've published some of his writings on my blog.

Because of the fear of ridicule and stigma attached to those said to believe in the existence of ‘UFOs’ many prefer to keep it quiet. Their experiences must be made known.

I've observed thought interviews and discussions during the conference that of those who have had  sightings and abduction experiences, their stories share many the same descriptive characteristics such as:

- The existence of spheres emitting light from within
- If there are multiple aircraft, they are often flying in formation
- The sensation of “missing time.” In the mind of the abductee, it only took a few minutes, but when they come back  ‘down to Earth’ and regain ‘consciousness’  perhaps several hours or even several days have passed.
- Unexplained surgical cuts on the body
- The absence of gravity (or a floating sensation)
- The presence of vapor

Robert Powell, director of MUFON (The Mutual UFO Network) wrapped things up with a discussion of "UFOs & the Government: The Historical Changing Role of Government over Time."
He pointed out that the explosion of interest (from the U.S. government’s perspective) around the WWII period was high. He believes there has been a cover-up and it has been deliberate. 

While the government will downplay sightings in the public, in private, they are feverishly and vigorously conducting information and research.
“You have what the government tells the public, and then you have what the government does,” said Mr. Powell. Anything that cannot be understood to a primitive culture appears to be magic. The technology displayed by UFOs is clearly advanced technology, which appears to be magic, even to many of this world’s most knowledgeable scientists, he said.

He spoke very important truths, and said because of the arrogance of the American people and government, there is an “Anthropocentric” view that this is the only civilization, but there are others out there, and many groups such as SETI know it.
“We’re just not as important as we think we are,” he said to a rousing applause of the crowd of nearly 900.

I’m looking forward to an important panel tomorrow featuring Stephen Bassett, Robert Powell, Col. John Alexander and Timothy Good, author of “Above Top Secret.”

If you have any questions you want me to answer, or to present to the speakers or panelists, leave your questions or comments below. I'd like to hear from you!


A Powerful 'Shadow Government' Hides UFO Truth

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan announced that he has arrived at the conclusion of his weekly online lecture series titled “The Time and What Must Be Done” however, he would continue to discuss the reality of what are called Unidentified Flying Objects, including The Great Wheel, also called The Mother Plane.

In his broadcast, which aired February 1 at www.noi.org, he took viewers into the layers of intrigue and covert strategies involved in keeping the knowledge and technology of such an aircraft secret.

The U.S. government and its top scientists have known about the presence of The Great Wheel since the 1940’s, when they raided the home of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and confiscated his and Master Fard Muhammad’s writings about and drawings of The Wheel. The government has been hiding this knowledge not only from the common American people, but they’ve also classified it as “Above Top Secret” keeping it hidden from even the nation’s presidents, said the Minister.  

“Knowing that their term would only be four years or eight years, they forbade the presidents to know this, fearing that after they left office, they might inform the American people of what they knew,” he said.

Additionally, billions are spent confusing the American people in order to conceal the truth. When people come forward to talk about what they’ve witnessed or experienced, they are ridiculed, mocked and in some cases, intimidated and threatened into silence.

“Members of the government would visit those who said that they saw or knew, and frightened them, that if they ever told what they saw or what they knew, the consequences could be, they would be discredited or even put to death!” said Min. Farrakhan.

The shadow government controlled by the global elite is doing everything within their power to keep the truth about these aircraft secret. This includes intelligence activities carried out through the implementation of “Black Budget Operations.” They are able to use this power and influence to avoid scrutiny, engaging in covert actions to achieve their objectives. Virtually nullifying the U.S. Constitution, they trust no one.

The Minister said the actions of this powerful shadow government in denying access to information concerning UFOs is expressed in author Timothy Good’s book titled “Above Top Secret: The Worldwide UFO Cover-Up.” Mr. Good discusses the refusal of the United States Government, through the National Security Agency to release documents concerning UFOs.

While much of what is available is considered to be a matter of public record, what “Above Top Secret” information was denied to U.S. presidents?

“What is it? What would it be except that it would be some greater knowledge of The Wheel, its power and its occupants?” Min. Farrakhan asked. 

Government officials don’t mind that a large number of Americans believe “that something is out there that is flying around” because several U.S. presidents have said they saw them, however, anytime they’ve attempted to investigate further to find out what was learned about what they had seen, they were stopped from probing further.

“So who is this shadow government that denies the person voted in to be the president of the United States this critical knowledge of what is above our heads that can be our friend or our enemy?” asked the Minister.

Read full article @ http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/National_News_2/article_101209.shtml


'A Cautionary Tale' by Stephen Bassett, Paradigm Research Group


Generoso Pope, Jr. (1927-1988) was a highly intelligent man who studied at the Horace Mann School and graduated from MIT at 19.  He was the son of an Italian-American newspaper magnate and took over the management of his father's newspapers in 1948. 

In mid-1950 - three years after the events at Roswell, NM - Generoso Pope, Jr. began a year with the psychological warfare section of the CIA. He was 24 years of age.  His father had recently passed that April.
In 1952 - the year of the famous July sightings over the nation's capitol - Mr. Pope bought the New York Enquirer for $75,000 (about $700,000 in 2013 dollars). 

In 1954 - a year after the Robertson Panel delivered its report to President Eisenhower - Pope, Jr. converted the newspaper to a tabloid and renamed it The National Enquirer

From 1954 to 1966 The National Enquirer sold only on newsstands and in drugstores and focused on sex, violence and other salacious material. It's circulation increased to 1 million. 

In 1967, at a time when the U.S. government was initiating a complex process to rid itself of the public's irritating interest in the UFO phenomenon, Pope, Jr. revamped The National Enquirer, moved aggressively to place it in grocery stores across the country, and added frequent UFO stories to the content.  Photos and graphics promoting questionable UFO stories were featured on the covers of the tabloid and seen millions of times by U. S. citizens.

In 1979, shortly after Stanton Friedman met and began researching the testimony of retired army intelligence officer Major Jesse Marcel, Jr., Pope, Jr. launched the Weekly World News in all the grocery stores carrying The National Enquirer.   For the next 28 years Americans going to buy groceries were treated to likes of these stories:

The Weekly Word News became a legend for making everything up while posing as tabloid news. From 1979 through the end of the Cold War, the Clinton Administration, and well into the Bush administration the WNN sat next to The National Enquirer taking over the ET disinfo heavy lifting. While not all Americans have a degree in quantum mechanics, or for that matter finished high school, in time few did not know the WNN was simply nonsense. 

It closed down in 2007 and went to live as parody on the Internet.  Pope, Jr. died in 1988 a multi-millionaire having served his country well, or at least the CIA well. The Truth Embargo had made it through the Cold War intact.  The disinformation division of the Truth Embargo moved on to the Internet working under different parameters.  How many websites the CIA and other agencies control may never be known.  

The Truth Embargo has lasted because, like the Pyramids of Giza, it is built with thousands of well crafted blocks fit tightly together. It is a master work that will soon be as inert as those pyramids.  This because, unlike newspapers in racks at checkout counters, the Internet provides the citizen receiver as much power as it provides the disinformer.  It is self cleansing with a living immune system to counter the manipulations of the state.

When the Truth Embargo does end with Disclosure, the public will have many decisions to make, not the lease of which is, "Do we want this to ever happen again?" 

Stephen Bassett
PRG Executive Director