Activist Tamika Mallory on the call for #JusticeOrElse: 'It's now or never'

Tamika D. Mallory
"I think it is definitely timely! It’s now or never, and clearly we see that all across the country Black folks are on fire and that’s in good ways and bad ways. We’re prepared to fight back at this point but we must be convened, we need some training, we need some understanding that is rooted deeper than us just being activist that sort of ‘pop up’ and  want to move.  We need to be able to understand how these things connect and the right way to get it done and I think what Minister Farrakhan is providing—an opportunity for all of us to come together—is significant at this time.

I remember the Million Man March. I was 15-years old. My father went, so I remember all the Black men in my family were a part of the Million Man March and it certainly was encouraging for me to see that. I think that for me to be a part of the planning of the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March is certainly a culmination for me of the work that I’ve been doing."

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